Sunday, January 8, 2023

Jacque Vallée Knows More About UFOs Than Most People Alive Today - His Ever Evolving Thoughts on UFOs

Jacque Vallee is the legendary French UFO researcher who formed the basis for Steven Spielberg's eccentric scientist in Close Encounters of The Third Kind. He is an Internet pioneer, computer scientist, venture capitalist, author, ufologist and astronomer currently residing in San Francisco, California and Paris, France. His scientific career began as a professional astronomer at the Paris Observatory. He is exceptionally well informed, has had access to some of the most important UFO information and his thoughts and beliefs regarding UFO is ever evolving.

He has worked with every prominent player in UFOology since the 1960's including Dr. J. Alan Hynek who served as the Chief Science Advisor to Project Blue Book, the Airforce's UFO investigation program from 1952-1969. Vallee has written multiple groundbreaking books that suggest "aliens" are actually interdimensional entities codirecting human evolution, not new visitors from Space. 

In this interview and subsequent Ted Talk, he makes some fascinating new suggestions around the nature of these entities; we also discuss a real, secret project behind Project Bluebook, his model of reality and time, and the commercial group that holds the secrets to the American UFO story.
His latest book Trinity is well worth reading.

A much more in-depth understanding of what Jacque Vallee

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