Monday, November 13, 2017

One Of South Carolina's Strangest UFO Sightings

Two police officers saw a round, glowing object with a wide, flat rim around the center resting on the ground. They estimated the diameter to be about 20 feet. As they watched from less than 50 feet away, a door opened and a small humanoid being descended. The observation lasted several minutes. Footprints later were found at the site. 

Friday, November 10, 2017

Stephen Hawking Talks About Extraterrestrial Life

Stephen Hawking Says Making Contact with Aliens Might Destroy Mankind

Stephen Hawking recently advised the Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence (METI) organization against sending signals into deep space to make contact with aliens, saying this could potentially lead to the annihilation of the human race. Hawking is one of the critics of METI, whose president, Dr. Douglas Vakoch, believes that making contact with extraterrestrial beings may finally happen within the next 10 to 20 years.
According to Dr. Vakoch, the advancement in technology makes it highly possible for alien enthusiasts like them to find intelligent life in the cosmos. His organization is dedicated to sending signals to neighboring stars and fostering sustainability of human civilization on multigenerational timescales.
In a recent interview, Vakoch said that when Frank Drake conducted his first alien search in 1960, he used only one frequency in transmitting signals to asteroids and other entities in space in hopes of making contact with aliens. Today, however, he said billions of various frequencies are already available for use in communicating with other-worldly beings. "My hunch is that in the next decade or two, we will detect extra-terrestrials if they are out there and trying to make contact," he said.
In response to Vakoch, Hawking said the METI president doesn't know what he's up to. "If we connect with the aliens, they will be vastly more powerful and may not see us as any more valuable than we see bacteria," he said.
Hawking also said that he's convinced that human beings are not the only living, intelligent entities in space, but finding the other intelligent creatures might only start the end of mankind. The renowned physicist and cosmologist said he fears someone might create Al that would keep improving itself until it's eventually superior to human beings, resulting in a new form of life. "I fear that Al may replace humans altogether," he said.
Earlier this year, Hawking called for preventing technology from destroying the human race. He also urged humans to identify potential threats to their existence quickly before they could ever have a chance to escalate and put human civilization at risk.


Thursday, November 9, 2017

Was The World Moving Towards Public UFO/Alien Disclosure

CIA UFO Secret Files Redacted! Dark Journalist JFK
Assassination 2017 Files Redacted Truth
Dark Journalist & Forbidden Knowledge TV's Alexandra Bruce on JFK Assassination Files, UFOs and the Redacted Jim Garrison files that have yet to be released by the CIA. That particular set of records may not only reveal attempts by intelligence to infiltrate and destroy Garrison's investigation, they may also reveal the fact that Garrison focused his investigation on the Aerospace wing of the National Security State...and what he discovered!

Controlled Disclosure Harvard Professor John Mack - Time Magazine - Admiral Bobby Ray Inman - George Joannides - Steven Greer & CIA Director James Woolsey ! The first attempt at a controlled disclosure in official circles occurred during the 1990's when Time Magazine and Covert Intelligence Ops were employed to destroy the career of Harvard Professor John Mack, who was using his position as Chair of Psychiatry to bring attention to the reality of UFO encounters and their implications in modern consciousness.
Deep State Forces Deep State forces saw Professor Mack's innovative work as a bad distraction from their own controlled narrative that would make them look heroic battling a UFO menace and protecting the public from a dark reality. The public spat between Clinton CIA Director James Woolsey and UFO advocate Steven Greer deteriorated the image of a new openness around the controversial topic. Interestingly enough Former Director Woolsey has been trotted out recently to suggest the absurd notion that Lee Harvey Oswald was a KGB officer, not a CIA Asset. More JFK/UFO Connections During the discussion Dark Journalist shows a photograph of Former Deputy CIA Director Bobby Ray Inman, who went on record saying that the US Government had recovered and reverse-engineered UFO Crash Retrievals, with CIA Psychological Warfare George Joannides who has been revealed as running the Oswald Propaganda Op to help develop him as the designated culprit in the JFK Assassination. There is currently a court case pending in Washington DC from several journalists and researchers to get the Joannides records declassified from the intelligence community and on the public record.
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