Sunday, April 16, 2017

UFOs, Aliens, Codes, Manuscripts, Encryption, Money And A Disappearance - This Case Has Everything

UFO enthusiast mysteriously vanishes leaving behind a den filled with secret codes, 14 encrypted books and a statue of 16th Century philosopher who predicted aliens' existence

  • Bruno Borges, 24, disappeared from his home in Rio Branco in the west of Brazil
  • He has spent the past month working on a special alien project, his sister said
  • Psychology student locked himself in his room for hours on end on the project
  • He covered his walls in code and produced 14 encrypted manuscripts on space 
A UFO enthusiast who mysteriously vanished last week left behind a den plastered wall-to-wall with Illuminati codes and symbols.

Bruno Borges, 24, disappeared from his home in Rio Branco in the west of Brazil having spent the past month working on what is being described as a secret project.

In his furniture-free bedroom, police found a £2,000 statue of 16th-century philosopher Giordano Bruno who predicted alien life, 14 encrypted books and signs associated with the Illuminati spread across the floor.

Bruno Borges, pictured above right, has not been seen since March 27 and left behind an eerie den where he had a $3,000 statue of philosopher Giordano Bruno who predicted alien life

The student's bedroom was left as a shrine to alien life with codes written on the wall

He has not been seen since March 27, and his father told local press he was last seen in a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and would have had no money nor documents.

Deputy Fabrizzio Sobreira, coordinator of the Criminal Investigation Office (DIC), who is leading the investigations, confirmed to the newspaper Acre TV all possibilities are being considered amid speculation he was abducted by the aliens he obsesses over.

His father, local businessman Athos Borges, told Globo: 'We've tried to call him on his cell phone, but he's off, he's never gone before, he did not take anything and the last time we saw him he was leaving home.'

Before disappearing, Borges wrote masses of codes on his walls and in 14 different books

The psychology student went missing shortly after his parents returned from a month-long trip, during which he stayed at home with his sister furiously beavering away at his project.

When his parents left, his bedroom was said to be normal, but 25 days later they were covered in coded writing and symbols as well as 14 secret manuscripts, each with a different Roman numeral on the cover.

His sister, Gabriella, said he would lock himself in the den for hours on end and told Gaucho newspaper: 'We were very worried. Now we think he's okay. He has a project, which is the publication of these 14 books. I think he had to do it that way.'
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