Thursday, March 9, 2017

President Bush On the Subject of UFOs and the Government

Former President Bush Won’t Tell Jimmy Kimmel ‘Nuthin’ About UFOs

This is probably the most honest answer that we have seen any President give (in modern times) on the subject of UFOs and aliens.

When former President George W. Bush appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Thursday, to promote his book, “Portraits of Courage,” Kimmel didn’t waste any time trying to get Bush to admit that he may have looked for and seen alleged secret government files on UFOs.
Kimmel began the “interrogation” by asking Bush “a question that’s very important to me and very important to the country. When you were in office, did you go through the secret files ― the UFO documents, because if I was president, that would be the first thing I did.”
Even before Kimmel finished asking the question, Bush immediately replied, “Maybe.” Then, he told Kimmel, “You know, it’s funny. My daughters asked the very same question.” When Kimmel asked if Bush would be allowed to tell his daughters what was in those files, the former commander-in-chief said “No.”

Other presidents and presidential candidates have either lead us to believe that UFOs do not exists or gave us a false hope that they would release this information once they were in office. Love him or hate him...Bush was honest. 
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