Saturday, January 14, 2017

Green UFO Morphs Into Two Before Quickly Disappearing

The video was posted on Facebook by Lucio Margiotta, a music teacher at the Music Academy of Salento, who saw the light in the sky at around 8pm local time.

Mr Margiotta said: 'UFO sighting of 9/1/2017 at about 19.38 hours. I don't know what was and what it is to call it but it is very strange.'

In the film, a bright white, spherical object can be seen in the sky, which appears to change shape, size and colour.

At one point it turns a bright green colour, and becomes a ring, similar to a smoke ring.

Finally, the ball splits into two, before quickly fading away.

The video was shot on a smartphone at maximum (x8) zoom, and Mr Margiotta said that no filters or effects were applied.

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