Thursday, January 12, 2017

Common Sense and Evidence Dictate That Extraterrestrials Exists

Consider Evidence Intelligent Life Exists beyond Earth

Are we alone in the universe? If one views the entirety of the universe, it would be almost impossible not to believe in the likelihood of life and possibly intelligent life to exist elsewhere. If we are not alone, has Earth been visited by extraterrestrials? Why not? Isn't that what we are doing by visiting the moon and planning a trip to Mars and beyond?

Imagine alien technology if they were hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years ahead of us. Believe it or not, there is viable evidence of alien visitations to Earth going back thousands of years to the present.

Evidence to indicate possible alien visitation has been found by archaeologists studying ancient civilizations. Such evidence includes written accounts, hieroglyphs, strange picture drawings, religious beliefs based on "sky gods," statues, pyramids and other structures built with stone blocks weighing up to 50 tons or more.

These civilizations existed all over the world with virtually no evidence to indicate where they acquired the knowledge and necessary tools/machinery to build such structures. One must wonder if aliens aided in the evolution of mankind.

References to ancient history and unidentified flying objects (UFOs) can be found from many sources, such as a TV series called "Ancient Aliens," a website called MuFon containing more than 70,000 UFO cases, books, archaeologist reports, etc.

Today, as in the past, sightings of UFOs have continued. Obviously, the vast majority of sightings are not credible; however, others remain unexplainable. Many sightings have been made by people familiar/trained in air flight technology, such as pilots, astronauts, military, etc. Many people believe our government and others already know aliens exist based on evidence believed to have originated from crashed UFOs.

If evidence is verified that aliens are visiting Earth, this would be a game changer in human existence.

Worldwide chaos could occur, reflecting fear and the effect on religious beliefs. This is the primary reason governments have kept secret evidence regarding this matter.

Since space travel has evolved from science fiction to reality, one must now consider many sources of data to gain perspective of the possibility that we are not alone.

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