Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Incredible UFO Sighting Prompts Couple to Call Police

Couple called police after ‘unbelievable’ UFO sighting in Derbyshire

Pictures captured from Wirksworth area by Graham Rock and Joanne Fletcher.

A couple have told of their amazement after witnessing a ‘UFO sighting’ in Wirksworth last night. This morning we reported how a Youtube video shot on the A38 in the county showed ‘diamond shaped UFOs’ in the sky.

Now, Wirksworth couple Graham Rock and Joanne Fletcher say they also witnessed the spooky incident, and even called the police. Graham, 47, of Recreation Road, said: “We saw them last night in the Wirksworth area. “At first we just thought they looked like aeroplanes circling.

“Skip to about two minutes. Sorry about the beginning.” 

“We were watching them and they just kept circling around for about an hour to an hour-and-a-half. “They were flying very low and they very nearly collided. “We phoned the 101 police number and they had not seen anything. “What we saw last night was unbelievable.” Partner Joanne, 42, said: “We were watching them upstairs in our house. “One of them went missing, but then came back again. Another one went away and there was only two circling around and then only one circling around.” Video footage was also uploaded to Youtube by user Wasim Akram. The video description says: “Some other vehicles must have seen them it was pretty busy. 

“If you can help clean up the video or anything to help show and zoom in on the diamond shape let me know. I deleted sound because there was inappropriate words used sorry. “Skip to about two minutes. Sorry about the beginning.” Derbyshire Times reader, Miya Ayub, whose partner shot the footage, said that at first she thought it was ‘two or three’ helicopters in the sky. “I got scared because I thought the two helicopters were going to crash until I saw them literally bouncing off each other,” she said.

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