Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Man in the UK Has Had 8 UFO Sightings in 3 Months, Photos

Newton Abbot man claims to have spotted eight UFOs in three months above Devon sky

A Devon, (UK) man sent the torquay herald these photos and they filed this story.

A NEWTON Abbot man claims to have spotted EIGHT UFOs in the past three months.

John Mooner, who describes himself as the chief photographer for world UFO photos, has been sending the Herald Express his sightings ever since June.

So far he has managed to capture what he believes are eight UFOs on camera.

They include what he describes as: an alien with a big red perm, a bright orange light that gave him the creeps, a UFO checking out a Virgin Atlantic passenger plane, an alien sticking its tongue out and an 'entity wearing a bear pelt' which he thought could be a 'skin walker' or 'moth man'.

The sightings have sparked debate as to whether Mr Mooner has managed to capture proof of alien existence. Some people think they may just be flecks on Mr Mooner's camera.

On June 29, he wrote to tell us that he got 'bored' of watching a Brexit debate on television and turned his attention to the skies, when he spotted what at first, he thought was a star. However, after zooming into the mystery object, Mr Mooner was left 'gobsmacked' to see 'someone looking back' at him. (See his picture below)

The star 'appeared to be moving', so Mr Mooner zoomed in, only to find that what he had first thought to be a star, was actually what he claimed to be an 'alien craft and its occupant'.

He said: "I was gobsmacked there was someone looking back at me."

On July 10, he spotted a UFO which 'gave him the creeps' over the town when he saw a bright light hanging above a nearby housing estate in at 1.20am on Sunday. (His picture is below)

He said: "The object was definitely not any type of known aircraft. The object was glowing bright orange and had a white pulsing light on the top left side. The object was large and just hung there silently over the housing estate it gave me the creeps."

On July 18, he was sky watching when he says he spotted "a cigar shaped UFO that was moving slowly across the sky. The cigar shaped UFO had white smoke coming out of the end."

He said: "An alien being with black eyes then proceeded to stick his head out from the back of the cigar shaped UFO and looked in my direction. The alien then stuck it's long tongue out at me and then smiled. What the hell. They have tongues? I managed to capture the alien in the photograph."

On July 22, he wrote to us again to say he was outside in the garden soaking up the sun and looking around the sky for anything strange and out of place. He watched a plane fly over and decided to take some photographs of the plane

He sent us these pictures (below): "With that something very odd caught my eye. I quickly took some photographs of the unknown before it flew up high into the sky and out of sight. The unknown thing moved so fast it was hard to take photographs of it but I managed to take two photographs in total.

"Looking at the photographs I could see I had captured something very strange, bizarre in fact. In the first photograph the unknown thing looks like some type of entity wearing a bear pelt could this be a skin walker?. In the second photograph it looks more like the mothman entity that I witnessed back in 1993. The only difference I could see was that the entity was gold in color and not black also the wings on it's back were closed."

Two days later, on July 24, Mr Mooner was outside once more when he noticed an object that was jet black and had an almond-shaped light on the front of it.

He said: "The almond shaped light had a yellowish tinge to it. Also there was smoke that came out of the back of the object as it moved." This is the picture he sent to the Herald Express at that time.

On August 18, he could see several objects that were flying in close proximity to each other. The objects were white and were cigar shaped.

He said: "One of the cigar shaped objects was larger than the other ones. The smaller ones were pencil-like and appeared to be docking with the larger one."

On August 26, he sent us this picture which he says show a UFO checking out a Virgin Atlantic passenger plane. The UFO flew around the back of the Virgin Atlantic passenger plane before it moved off into the distance, he said.

Finally, this week on September 17, Mr Mooner saw a strange object in a blue part of the sky.

He said: "The object just hung silently in the sky without moving. I had my Sony HX300 at the ready and I zoomed on the object. I could clearly see that it was no known aircraft the object reminded me of helmet with a visor."

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