Sunday, July 3, 2016

China's Area 51 Holds Many Secrets

China’s own Area 51 could be harboring secrets of UFO activity believes an alien hunter (Video)

We all know that United States has been hiding a certain area called Area 51 from its citizens for almost a century. What we didnt know was that China also has its very own Area 51!
A series of strange structures situated in the middle of nowhere in the Gobi desert have stumped just about everyone.
The central point is a bizarre “Stonehenge-like” circle that comprises of three aircraft, which the narrator cannot recognize.
The aircraft are all pointing towards the outside. , look at the time lapse on Google Earth, you can see that the number of planes there falls from four to three between 2005 and 2015, despite the fact that there are no tracks left behind, nor there is any runway near it. In other words, there are no tracks that points out where the disappeared vehicles have gone.
He asks: “I’m no aviation expert, but I have to say that these aircraft look very strange to me. These tilted inwards wings, is this some kind of military jet?”
In addition, there is a mysterious square formation with jagged lines running through it towards the right of the patch of aircraft.
Some consider that this may be a secretive code that extra-terrestrial beings can pick up in the air.
Further, more secret is added to the outwardly random arrangement of the ‘base,’ due to there is “some kind of landing strip” that is not linked to anything.
Baffled for an explanation, the narrator asks: “Does the Chinese government know what’s going on here? Is there a reason why it is out in the middle of the desert?”
While some believe that it is China’s version of Area 51 and a secret military base, others have opted for a more reasonable explanation.
One commenter wrote: “It’s an old bombing area. No burn marks because the jets have been there since the MIGs [Russian aircraft] were in use. They’re measuring the blast radius.”

The only way to resolve the puzzle and to determine if there is really a military black site that contains UFOs or other items of alien technology, would be to go there and to see for ourselves, which seems unlikely. Therefore, we can only wait to see if the speed with which photos are circulated around the world will encourage some sources to disclose more details on the top secret Chinese Area 51.

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