Saturday, June 4, 2016

Security Guard Reports Seeing A Four Foot Tall Winged Humanoid - Chile

Winged Humanoid in Chile

Some of the accounts that come out of both Central and South America are pretty intriguing. Having spent time there, I can tell you, the pace and the people are very unique and they take things like this very differently than those in the west. Here's a weird encounter from Chile about a strange, winged creature:

Security guard, Oscar Solar Valdebenito encountered a strange, flying creature in Angol, Chile in 2008 while making his rounds at the Preventative Custody Center.

Valdebenito reports that he was walking the perimeter around the building with four guard dogs when a winged being flew down and pounced on the canines. The dogs were so frightened by the creature that they raced away from the scene howling.

The guard watched as the winged creature flew up and landed on the top of a 30 foot tall metal pole, causing the pole to shake under its weight.

He describes the creature as around four feet tall with a small head. While he was never close enough to make out facial details, he did note two pointed ears on either side of the head. He described the skin as dark gray and devoid of any feathers or fur. The two long wings extended from its shoulders and while the creature perched on the pole, it tucked its wings in like a bird. The guard also saw two powerful lower legs and a pair of stubby arms just below the neck.

The only sound coming from the creature was a sharp, loud squawking cry that reminded the guard of a loudspeaker's crackle.

Valdebenito reports that the encounter terrified him and that he was relieved when the creature flew off over several low hanging power lines and out of sight. He told the authorities that during his encounter, he saw a group of young boys walking along the nearby railroad tracks. They also spotted the creature but fled the area at the sight of the winged humanoid. Authorities were not able to locate the boys.

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