Friday, April 29, 2016

This Software Can Turn You and Your Computer Into UFO Hunters

UFO Detector Software Can Turn Anyone Into A Professional UFO Watcher

Many people are interested in what's really up there in the night sky, and now, new software promises to help people keep an eye out for the unknown. UFO Detector, as it's been named, is a computer software program designed to help individuals monitor the sky (day and night) for unidentified flying objects.
The idea is simple — if a UFO is detected, the software will automatically record video of the event in the best possible quality. Of course, users are encouraged to share the recorded video and discuss among other UFO enthusiasts. UFO Detector makes video sharing as easy as one click.
"UFOID provides a platform to share the recorded videos and have them analyzed by other people," states the UFO Detector website. "Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, your opinion matters and is used to identify the objects."
In an interview with, UFO Detector Developer Mark Lakum stated that the idea came about when he thought there had to be "a better way" to study UFO phenomenon. Although the software has been around for a while, Lakum only recently made it open-source. He created in conjunction with it, and the platform now exists for individuals to share their findings as a community.
UFO Detector works with a computer's webcam. The camera must be pointed in the direction of the sky (understandably) in order to capture potential UFO footage. The software allows users to choose which parts of their screen to monitor. It's also supposedly smart enough to rule out interference from objects, such as planes and birds, as long as the user tags them. The goal is to only record supposed UFOs, rather than eat up hard drive space with videos of inactive skies.
On the UFOID YouTube page, UFO Detector users have already posted videos caught with the software, depicting some unusual activity. Many of these videos have hundreds of views, hinting that UFO Detector may actually be achieving its goal of bringing the UFO community closer together.
The developers of UFO Detector are currently working on making the software functional on a wide variety of platforms, including Raspberry Pi. Additionally, a new feature will soon be introduced to prevent the tampering of captured video.
Here's video of the software in action:
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