Saturday, March 19, 2016

New Hampshire A Hotspot for UFOs in 2016

More Pulsating UFO Orbs Reported in NH
Since January, a number of residents have reported seeing lights in the skies of Bow, Concord, Manchester, Bedford, Milford, and Salem.

More Pulsating UFO Orbs Reported in NH

MANCHESTER, NH - More residents from around the Granite State are reporting seeing strange lights in the skies during the past few months, including two sightings caught on camera during the past three weeks in Concord and Manchester, according to reports online.

The most recent sighting was over the Queen City, “a saucer-like object,” that was pulsating and slowly moving over the western the part of the city toward Bedford on March 11, 2016. The video was taken in the parking lot of the Mall of New Hampshire facing South Willow Street. The recorder of the video noted that other people also saw the object and wrote notes online about the sighting near the mall.

On March 6, 2016, another light in the sky with a halo shape around it was reported from the Concord Heights, near where other pulsating objects were seen in September 2015, outside of the Steeplegate Mall. The trackers followed the object from Concord along Route 28 east but reported losing track of it. Another orb – or the same one – was seen or picked up again in Pittsfield, according to the tracker, who then lost the sighting again while driving.

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, since January, unidentifiable lights have been reported in Bow, Milford, and Salem, with flying triangles and circles have been reported in New Hampton and Seabrook. A circle was also reported in Hanover but was deemed to be a hoax by the Center after an email address and phone number were “defective.”

In Milford in late February, a commenter noted that there were two purple lights in the sky that he assumed to be planes until one doubled back on its self and began changing altitude. He thought they might be droves but were flying pretty high and cutting at various angles in the sky.

“They would come close to each other (then separate),” he noted.

A week before that sighting, a Salem resident and another witness reported seeing a “bright ball of light” in the sky along with other small aircraft that appeared to be on normal flight paths. The ball of light, however, “flew quickly over our heads” and then a second object appeared and faded off into the distance. Others have also reported seeing lights in the skies above Salem and Methuen, MA, in mid-February and posted videos on YouTube.

In Bow, residents reported in early January that they were walking their dog when they saw a pink flash and then a red light that passed directly over their heads, at a low altitude. They then saw multiple lights but there was no noise. The four lights appeared to be traveling in different directions across 20 miles toward Concord, according to the online report.

The federal government has recently declassified a number of documents concerning its investigations into the UFO phenomenon during the 1940s and 1950s.
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