Friday, March 25, 2016

UFO Causes Car To Stop and Driver Goes Into Trance Like State

Cigar Shape UFO Causes Car To Stall

Have you ever looked into the sky and wondered whether we alone in the universe?

Many people think that in such a vast universe, there must be something else out there.

But for Gary the very thought was preposterous.

That was, until one night in March 2013 when he was recovering a vehicle in Barlaston.

It was a Friday night when he received the call to attend to a breakdown of the car.

He was sent to Rough Close and what he didn't know was that this was to be a call he would never forget.

It was shortly after midnight and the weather was heavy with rain.

A lady had broken down some way from home and required Gary's assistance.

As he pulled up in the lower car park, overlooking Wedgwood, he saw the lady and her car.

Gary introduced himself and began to investigate the problem with the car.

As he continued to work under the bonnet, he heard a strange sound coming from the field not far away.

"It sounded like a swishing noise accompanied by a low buzzing," he told me.

"We both looked towards where the noise was coming from and we froze with fear when we first saw it.

"The initial thing we noticed was a light radiating from the field where the noise was coming from.

"Whatever it was it had just began to lift off the ground and was heading directly upwards."

Gary described the craft as black in colour and a shaped like a cigar and he estimated it to be approximately 50 feet in length.

Both the lady and Gary stood transfixed on the glow of this unknown object.

"When I glanced at the woman she was actually smiling, it felt euphoric and stimulating not scary at all," he explained.

When the object reached approximately 20 feet into the air it slowed down and changed direction, swinging around to face towards them.

Gary said: "That was the only time I felt concerned, it seemed to notice us and that felt surreal."

Then the lady that Gary had come to help, started to walk slowly towards the object.

He watched with uncertainty and fear as she seemed to be in some kind of trance.

He moved quickly towards the lady and stood in front of her.

"I was trying to stop her but she seemed drawn towards the object and continued to try and get past me - keeping her eyes fixed on the craft at all times."

Eventually he shouted over to her and she seemed to snap out of the trance.

At the very same time, the object let out a deep pulsing sound before going off into the sky before it disappeared completely.

Following the silence, Gary talked to the woman who claimed that although she could remember seeing the light in the field, she couldn't remember walking towards it.

When I asked Gary what he thought had been happening he told me: "I actually think the craft had been waiting for someone to come past and caused the woman's car to breakdown.

"Once she pulled over it was waiting for the right time to abduct her but I showed up and prevented that from happening by just simply being there.

"It was strange but once the craft had gone her car started back up and I couldn't find any fault with it"

So the next time your car starts to play up, it might be worth considering who is actually watching you…
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