Friday, February 26, 2016

UFOs In Wales

IT might seem like something out of The X-Files, but 25 UFO sightings have been logged with the Mutual UFO Network (Mufon) in Wales since January 2015.
According the the people who say they have spotted the UFOs, the sighting range from a craft as wide as a street, to a white dot travelling three times faster than a jet.

There was a total of 476 sightings logged with MUFON in the UK between January 1, 2015, and the middle of February this year.

While many are more than sceptical about whether these are actual sightings are UFOs or not, the stories that accompany them are interesting.
On May last year, one Cardiff resident said they were "transfixed" after spotting a UFO with a wingspan "nearly the width of the street".

They said: "I saw there was another identical one just behind it that appeared to be following it.
"There was barely any, if any, noise. I was transfixed as they were so big. I was the only car driving down the street and it/they must have seen me."

Although there are no photographs of this sighting, the witness did manage to draw a sketch.
While one witness from Pontypool said he was "uncomfortable and anxious," after spotting a strange hovering object below the moon after taking a photo of the night sky on February 21 2015.
He said: "I zoomed in and the hair stood up on the back of my neck. I felt uncomfortable and anxious.
"It may have been terrestrial and insignificant if it weren't for how erratic it moved between each of the five photo frames."
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