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Metallic Disc Shaped UFO Slowly Rises from Forest Floor - Staffordshire, UK

Supernatural Staffordshire: Stuart, Nanook and the Cannock Chase UFO
Stuart saw light emanating through the tall trees
PARANORMAL investigator Damon Simms has explored some of Staffordshire's spookiest locations. This week he interviews a man who encountered something inexplicable in the woods...
The paranormal world is something I find absolutely fascinating but if there is one subject that really stirs my imagination it is the prospect of life on other planets and the thought that it has visited us here on Earth.
UFOs and aliens to some people would seem fantastical. However, for others they are all too real... as Stuart found out in July of 2013.
Stuart works for the fire and rescue service locally and, in his spare time, enjoys walking his dog at Cannock Chase.
His dog is a three-year-old husky called Nanook - named after the dog from the classic 80s horror movie The Lost Boys.
Day or night, come rain or shine, he would always take time out to enjoy a long stroll with his dog.
It was late July and the sun was setting over the Chase. Stuart hasn't seen another soul for almost an hour.
As man and dog ventured further into the dense and vast woodland area, Stuart and Nanook were both enjoying the fresh evening air.
Stuart described an almost intoxicating and revitalising smell of natural pine which became stronger the further they walked into the towering trees.
Normally around this time on their walks, Nanook would become excitable and run off - only to return with a random sticks and cones for his owner.
However, for some reason on this occasion Stuart noticed that Nanook seemed hesitant to leave his side.
In the distance Stuart thought that he kept getting glimpses of light emanating through the tall trees.
He remembers Nanook kept glancing towards the light as if he could hear or sense something.
Stuart stopped walking so that he could pay attention to the strange situation.
At that moment, Stuart claims he could not only sense but smell what he describes as a static or electrical atmosphere envelope them.
He says Nanook became agitated and began to growl in a protective and aggressive manner in the direction was where the light was coming from.
Stuart said that he felt as if he was rooted to the ground and became paralysed with fear.
The more intense the atmosphere became the more terrified he felt and the more agitated his dog became.
The lights flashed again. This made Nanook even more agitated.
By now his fur was standing up all over his back, his head was bowed low and his teeth were bared as he snarled at whatever the perceived threat was.
Then something even stranger happened.
The lights that seemed to be just off the forest floor began to rise - 10 feet, then 15 feet, then 20 feet into the air.
Still the lights continue to rise until it seemed to Stuart they had risen above the top of the trees.
Looking up, Stuart stared with his mouth wide open.
Finally, he could make out where the lights had been coming from and as he looked above the treetops he could now clearly see what looked like a large, metallic disc-shaped object 'the size of the centre circle on a football pitch'.
Struggling to take in what he was actually witnessing, he attempted to calm his dog but he says the words wouldn't come out. By this point Nanook was uncontrollable.
The object stopped rising into the air and suddenly changed direction. Slowly but steadily it moved towards Stuart and his canine guardian.
Stuart managed to shake himself out of an almost trance-like state and began to stumble away - dragging Nanook with him.
Stuart told me that he even tried to hide behind a number of trees - hoping to shake off the strange UFO but the object seemed to just know where they were.
For a moment Stewart and his dog lost sight of the object.
Then suddenly it rose to approximately 50 feet in the air and hung there motionless for about a minute before thundering into the sky at what Stuart described as an unbelievable speed.
Then it was gone.
Shaking, yet feeling exhilarated from his experience, Stuart returned home with Nanook.
He informed me that he has told a few close friends and family and that most didn't believe his story.
However, I have no doubt - having spent quite some time interviewing him - that Stuart himself believes that he encountered something inexplicable that night at Cannock Chase...
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