Saturday, February 20, 2016

A History of the UFO From 1162 To 1947 - 'Return To Magnonia'

The book pictured , details a series of mysterious objects in the sky (and near to the earth) from 1662 to 1947.  So what is Return to Magonia’s secret? Perhaps in part it is the elegance and simplicity of the book’s structure. The authors, Chris Aubeck and Martin Shough take a series of sightings, most little known, and then case study them. Each sighting is described in great detail, then all possible explanations are brought to bear: Venus, submarine volcanoes, April Fool Jokes… The analysis is deep enough that the book could double as a reference guide for certain phenomenon: fire-flies, lying journalists and starling flocks among them. 

The case study, then, ends with a summing up and sensible but undogmatic verdicts that even sceptics like Beach would have difficulties disagreeing with.
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