Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Villagers in The Ukraine Believe They Were Visited By Aliens

Villagers convinced of 'alien visit' after UFO filmed hovering in sky

This footage is proof a UFO hovered above a village, according to residents convinced of an alien visit.
The residents of Rozovka in western Ukraine claim they spotted the craft over Christmas.

The clip shows a white object moving quickly through the clouds, although it is not clear what it is.

Witnesses say they did not notice any wings and said it was not a plane.

Both civil and military aviation authorities said they had no records of an aircraft in the skies at the time the recording was made.

A user of a local internet forum said: "This object has been flying around since spring."

"I’ve seen it a couple of times," the continued. "Sometimes it would fly in the direction of the town, sometimes in the opposite direction towards Slovakia.

"At the beginning, I thought it could be a weather balloon but it was too big," the poster added.
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