Monday, January 11, 2016

UFO Filmed From Dash-cam - Australia

 A couple with 30 years of experience taking photos of galaxies and star clusters were left perplexed by a unidentifiable light that went soaring past them as they pulled out from a petrol station.

Paul 'starman' Mayo and his wife Sylvia, captured footage of the eerie flying object on their dashcam near Berrimah just south of Darwin.

The footage shows a distinct light source speeding through the sky horizontally then disappearing as quickly as it first appeared.

Mr Mayo had been going through the dashcam files on his computer when the bizarre light caught his eye.

He told the NT News that he couldn't explain it and that he and his wife are both 'switched on people.'

'I'm baffled, and I'm not usually baffled by anything,' said Mr Mayo.

'You might see the odd jet but this is, to me, probably moving a lot faster,' he added.

The couple also posted the video to Facebook and users were amazed by what they had seen.

Another said: 'That's so cool star man!'

Mr Mayo said that he had been driving himself nuts trying to figure out an explanation.

'I've never believed in UFOs but this has me lost for words to explain what we saw not to mention how fast it moved,' he added.

The footage was taken in June last year when Mr Mayo was pulling out from a petrol station, two videos were uploaded to YouTube one zooming in on the flying object.

The contrast was then increased to highlight the unidentifiable object that soared past.

A thin disc shaped object with what appears to be tiny lights can be seen like a 'string of coloured pearls shooting through the sky' said Mr Mayo.

One theory that emerged at the time was that it could have been a reflection from a windscreen, but this was dismissed because it was moving too fast and other reflections could be seen, reported the NT News.

Another theory hypothesised by Mr Mayo was a shooting star, but they curve through the sky, said Mr Mayo.

It is still unclear what the object was and Mr Mayo and his wife are welcoming people to help find an explanation for the mysterious object.

The couple both hope to travel to the darkest night sky locations in Australia photographing the universe with high-tech telescopes and camera equipment as mentioned on their business website.

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