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Incredible Stories From People Who Have Met Aliens

8 Amazing Stories From People Who Have Met Aliens

You don’t have to scour the internet all that hard to unearth a great fountain of alien abduction stories.
Unfortunately, in an age in which everyone has photoshop, the reliability of photographic evidence goes to zero and “I know what I saw” isn’t a scientifically valid stance. Many “encounters”, under closer inspection, turn out the be something else. That’s not to say the person telling the story is a liar, but all sorts of things, from drugs to psychological trauma, can cause people to have mind-bending experiences. Often, the most mundane solution is unfortunately, the most likely.
However, in a universe the size of ours, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility, maybe they are traveling thousands of light years to stick probes in us after all. 
If you do ever find yourself aboard a spaceship, however, try to nick something off a shelf as a souvenir. Anything aboard an alien lightship would completely turn the scientific community on its head.
Here we have a few stories from people who claim to have had “encounters”. These are just a few archetypal tales, but there is a positive smorgasbord of stories and testimonies on sites such as Reddit (although we can’t exactly vouch of their reliability) if that’s what you’re into.

    8. Give Us A Wave

    Reddit user scrappsterdescribes an encounter in the middle of the night with a cheery alien who just seems to have wanted to let us know it was there.
    This is how scrappster describes the experience:
    I was sleeping in my room, which I like to keep as dark as possible. I suddenly woke up to the sound of a loud pop, like a small fire cracker, and I look out into the dark and think ‘Oh sh*t, was that the electrical outlet for my computer frying?’. I look towards it but see nothing. I figure it was nothing, so I rolled onto my back to go back to sleep.
    I was very calm but pretty awake because of the little fire scare. I took a deep breath to try hush away the small bit of adrenaline, and just as I was about to close my eyes, I saw a dark shadow above me. It seemed to be waving […] and I kinda felt like ‘it’ was just trying to get my attention. It straightened away from me, and then it leaned and pressed down on the edge of my bed, closer to my head. It did it two or three times, and I could very clearly feel the weight […] and I got the feeling that he wanted to ‘show’ me that ‘Yes, I’m really here’.
    This is how he describes the alien’s appearance.
    “It was ‘outlined’ in light of many colors, but it was also very faint. Greens, yellows, blues, reds, purples, all swirled together simultaneously, mixed all together yet very separate, somehow. The brightness, I could relate to a glow-in-the-dark star sticker. Bright enough to see very clearly, but not so bright as to make me squint.
    He looked a bit like a reptile, sorta akin to a raptor, but with a larger, rounder skull. A strong brow ridge, and there were circle-type bunches all over his body, which I assumed were scales. His face was turned so that I saw a clear profile. It looked like he was wearing a loose, simple shirt of some kind, and he held something like a clipboard in one arm, and the other was held up to it, as if he were writing on it. But what I was looking at directly, and what I remember most of all, was his eye. That large, unforgettable eye. Circular pupil that was opened somewhat wide. Lightly colored ‘iris’, almost cartoony in how simple it looked compared to the rest of him. It…I guess it felt so warm and personable, but it looked a little sad, and maybe a bit stern.”Some kind of alien research scientist perhaps?

      7. Coping Strategy

      Often, alien encounters can be linked to some kind of traumatic event in a person’s life. It could be that the trauma is too much for the mind to process, so it invents something to fill in the gaps.
      A Reddit user that has since deleted their account recalls their mother’s story:
      When my mom and Lisa were teenagers, they were up on the roof of Lisa’s house, and they see a bright light in the sky. Next thing they know, the light is gone. Thing is, they think they’ve been on the roof for like 15 minutes, but something like 3 hours passed.
      So a couple months later, mom moves away and loses contact with Lisa for about 10 years. She finally meets up with her again and immediately notices that something is odd about Lisa.
      Lisa appeared very “distant” to her, with a very “dreamy” demeanor. Like she was really happy and at peace, for no good reason. After they talk for a bit, Lisa brings up the incident on the roof.
      OP’s mum doesn’t remember the incident, but this is how “Lisa” recalls it:
      At first, they paralyzed her somehow and did all sorts of invasive experiments on her, but by the most recent time, they stopped probing her and began to talk with her. […] Apparently they told her all sorts of things – stuff about space, Earth itself, and most shockingly, predicted years beforehand that she would get pregnant in a specific year and it would also be a stillborn, and that she would never be able to have children again. They also told her that it was not their fault and they even made an attempt to save her from this fate, but they were unsuccessful.
      A psychologist might conclude that “Lisa’s” experience with the aliens is her brain’s way of rationalizing an incredibly traumatic experience,perhaps even prescribing meaning to it, and helping her deal with it.

        6. Choke Slam

        Some stories can sound so utterly terrifying and bizarre that they defy explanation, but there are some clues in the following story from user Lchmst that seem to indicate what happened:
        I find myself waking up to the oddest buzzing sound. It was distinct and had a sort of percussive rhythm to it. Kind of like when your ears pop but repetitive so it was very uncomfortable. As I start to wipe the sleep from my eyes I realize I’m sitting up and all the lights are on in the surrounding rooms and the TV has turned to white noise.
        I look around the room and start to get a very uneasy feeling that I’m being watched. I shrug it off and start to get up to go take a leak and turn the lights off. As soon as I stand up I feel a cold hand wrap around my throat, it then picks me up and slams me back down on the couch. I start to freak because I don’t see anything there and whatever it is must be massive because the hand wrapped around my entire neck, I can feel it’s digits meeting at the back of my neck. So I go to stand up again and once again it wraps it’s hand around my throat and pins me down on the couch, holding me there for a few seconds. I start to think, should I fight back or scream or what should I do? Almost as quickly as the thoughts enter my head, I hear a voice saying don’t touch it, it will leave if you don’t touch it. So I put my hands up, relax myself and the hand let go.
        As freaky as this sounds, most of the scariest elements actually add up to some common sleep phenomena, specifically sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming.
        The buzzing noise and sensation of being grabbed or held are particularly indicative. Buzzing, sometimes known as Exploding Head Syndrome (which is no less disturbing), is a common observation of lucid dreamers, and the sensation of being held down is a symptom of sleep paralysis, during which the mind wakes but the body doesn’t, so it rationalizes its inability to move by imagining restraint.

          5. Men In Black

          There are a slightly alarming number of reports of “Men in Black”.
          Stories vary, with the men sometimes appearing to be some kind of government official (albeit, not a very subtle one) or an actual alien (similarly unsubtle, but they have the excuse of not being from Earth).
          This is one story from Reddit user MY_SH*T_IS_PERFECT:
          So my dad was in his teens. He’s out in his driveway for whatever reason, doing whatever people do when they live in a woodsy rural area.
          Suddenly, this big, black car pulls into his driveway. Tinted windows, completely black. My Dad just kind of watches it pull in, not sure what to think.
          […] The door opens and out steps a super tall, fair-faced white man. He has blonde hair, an extremely well-tailored black suit, and black sunglasses on. Right away, my Dad could see there was something off about him. He looks too perfect. Flawless skin, a child-like smile, and very overdressed for a hot summer day. He looks distinctly out of place.
          The man walks up to my Dad and asks for his name. My Dad (around 15 at the time) asks him why he wants to know. The man smiles and explains that he just wants to ask him a few questions and he means no harm. Bemused, my Dad agrees, but he’s still wary of this strange man.
          First, the tall white dude asks my Dad if he lives here […]The man has a completely relaxed, non-confrontational tone, and seems almost giddy – like he was really excited to be having this conversation. His childish, overzealous grin hadn’t faded in the least. He asks my Dad if he had seen, felt, or heard anything that he felt was outside of the ordinary. My Dad said sometimes, and again asked why he wanted to know.
          The man just kept grinning, and by now my Dad was feeling pretty comfortable. He had never seen this guy before in his life. He didn’t appear to be any kind of government agent – his behavior was far too unusual.
          Suddenly, the man’s demeanor completely changes. His grin disappears and he looks worried. Without so much as a goodbye, he opens his car door, gets inside and drives away – still making no noise at all.
          Even weirder, OP’s mother apparently saw the same guy 30 years later.
          Men in black stories pop up all over the place, but it’s difficult to believe that any kind of government agent would really be so unsubtle.

            4. 1997: A Good Year For Aliens

            One Reddit thread got a fair bit of attention, as it would seem that there was a bit of a spate of UFO sightings around 1997.
            NegativecapS recalls:
            1997 Colorado Springs, CO. I was 8 years old, playing in the sand volleyball court […] but decided suddenly that I needed to look up because the world around me had lost all sound.
            There was no longer any ambient noise. No traffic noise from the busy streets just a block over. No more dogs barking. No more birds chirping.
            I looked at the street that bordered the park, and that is when I saw it.
            It looked like a stealth bomber turned sideways (nose leading, one wing down toward the road and the other pointed up at the sky). Completely shiny-black in color, as tall as a house, shaped like an arrowhead. It was cruising the street at 3 MPH. Just gliding over the road….I watched it for maybe 20 seconds. As soon as it had passed behind some 2 story houses and out of my sight – I got my hearing back full force.
            EDIT – Here is a quick sketch I made, in all of my talented glory.
            So far, so normal for a UFO story, but then the post got a load of comments saying they saw similar things in the same year, in roughly the same place. Now, it could be that 1997 was the beginning of something, perhaps those were the scouts and we should be expecting a full-scale invasion any time now.
            Or, the demographic of people who had vivid imaginations in 1997 are now old enough to be posting on Reddit about the stealth bomber they saw.

              3. A Altered State Of Mind

              As well as psychological trauma, another theme that runs through a lot of accounts of alien abductions is the presence of, er, mind-altering substances.
              A user called thelid posted a story about one such mindbending occasion after smoking some doobies with his mates:
              We rolled the windows down and just as we did a bright floodlight lit up […] we quickly talked it over and decided our best option would be for me and Greg to out of the truck and run separate directions while Andrew drove away.
              On the count of three me and Greg jumped out and ran in opposite directions. But as soon as I stepped foot on the ground, the light turned off and it became pitch black. But I didn’t stop running, […] I walked for about 30 minutes until I began to hear a loud sound. […] The sound became unbearably loud and I put my hands over my ears but it only got louder. A sharp ringing notice rang put and I began to get tunnel vision. I couldn’t stand up anymore and I passed out.
              When I woke up I was in a pitch black room. A soft and kind sounding voice spoke. “That’s very good.” the voice said, “sit down, stand up, stay in line, no more rules.” […] His kind and soft voice turned loud and angry “YOU CAN’T UNDERSTAND. YOU JUST CAN’T!”
              I couldn’t move from the table I was laying on, but I wasn’t strapped down by anything. I turned my head to the right and saw a white glowing circle. When I looked to the left I saw a face. No body, no head, only a face. He spoke one final time. This time, I’m sure that it was directly to me. “I am the creator, you are the creation. Don’t be afraid, be aware.”
              He spoke all of this without moving his mouth. The lights came back on and I passed out again. I tried my best to stay awake but I couldn’t. When I woke up I was laying in an open field. The sun was just coming up.”
              Did our friend here see the face of God, get abducted by aliens, or were they on the receiving end of an unexpectedly big hit of THC?

                2. Pervy Aliens

                Aliens have got a bit of a reputation for anal probes. We’ve always assumed they were doing experiments, but what if they’re just a bit kinky?
                Reddit user chilean_dude recounts his encounter with a pervy alien:
                [T]here are some mud pools in this place called “Baños Morales”. I went there with my ex, we were taking a bath at 3am because it was some sort of a wild experience and we were alone. I can confirm this because I closed the gate that could let anyone enter to the pools.
                So here we are, naked, bathing, playing with each other in the middle of the night when we see this guy staring at us. He would be 30ish, quite white and quiet. We honestly, freaked out. I, as the man of the situation, in order to calm my ex, pretended to be calm but in my inner state, I was scared.
                I said, “Qué wea!?”, something like, “What’s up?!”, staring back at him. He just smiled and waved a hello with his arm. I thought immediately that we were jumping to conclusions, he couldn’t be an alien, but he, in front of our eyes, said “Todo bien, ya he visto lo que quería ver”; Something like, “It’s all right, I have seen all I wanted to see”. And started to disappear, fading, like an image.
                Cajón del Maipo is well known for its UFO sights, but we were astonished.
                Perverted alien astral projection from another dimension, or some creepy dude who became obscured by a steamy hot spring? You decide.

                  1. Implants

                  So user UnknownQTY tells us about the time they removed a mysterious “implant” from under their skin.
                  I’ve seen a couple of weird lights occasionally, and I have no recollection of being abducted, BUT…
                  When I was 12 or so, I felt something hard and round in my earlobe. I told everyone and they said it was just an under-the-skin zit, pretty normal for someone my age. But it was there for SIX MONTHS.
                  Annoyed, I decided to do some self surgery. I could feel it very near the surface and poked a hole in my ear with a sterilized needle. Blood, f**king everywhere, I could feel this thing and I squeezed up, towards the hole I just pierced. Out pops this tiny metal… ball. Maybe half the size of a BB. It was black metal, completely spherical, with an indentation around the center, and teeny tiny golf ball-like indentations.
                  As I was rolling it around in my blood-covered pictures, it slipped, spun around the sink a couple of times and fell down the drain. At 12, I had no idea what the f**k to do with it and my parents didn’t believe a word I said and told me to just put some tea tree oil on my zits next time… I have never had anything like it since.
                  Could this be some kind of tracking device put there by aliens? The body surely doesn’t spontaneously produce metal lumps.
                  Except sometimes it does. Another user commented with a similar experience, but they also had pictures of the object. That turned out to be a build up of skin, dirt and hair that sort of petrifies and looks for all the world like a metal pellet. Alternatively, it could have been something like an earring that got assimilated into the skin and forgotten. Because OP didn’t save their original specimen, we obviously can’t be sure.
                  What do you think, can all alien encounters be attributed to Earthly sources, or is there something else going on?
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