Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Similar Apparitions or UFOs Appear Over China, USA and England

Portal from other dimension? Now bizarre 'city scape' appears in skies over mountains

First thousands of residents feared a portal to another dimension had given them a glimpse of an alien city in the skies over China.

Then a similar apparition in the sky appeared above Hastings, on the south coast of England.

Now a remote part of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado in the US has seen a mystery "sky city" or even "alien forest" forming" before suddenly vanishing.

The strange picture was snapped in the early morning by a photographer who said they were reduced to tears after seeing the mysterious huge glowing orb.

It featured jagged shapes that some claim resembled several spired buildings or even trees in a forest.

The photographer said: "I went outside first thing this morning.

"After sitting outside for a few minutes, I looked West at the fog covering the hillside. Then, there was a bright, almost blinding light that made my eyes tear up - I mean tears rolling down my face.

"It appeared to be in front of the heavy fog. It appeared to be above the hill and slightly in front of the hill.

"After snapping a few pictures, it appeared to dim. It had a translucence to it. I looked down at my camera to make sure I had gotten the shot, looked up, and it was gone."

The photographer said the image captured portrayed exactly the strange sighting that lasted so briefly.

They said: "The top of the object is completely dome shaped. The bottom is jagged as if there were trees.

"In the pictures, the Sun is clearly visible to the left of the object. The light that the object emitted looked to be the same or similar to the sun, but it could not have been a reflection because the sun was behind and to the left of the object. It also does not and did not, appear to be a break in the fog.

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