Thursday, December 17, 2015

Green UFO Or Orb Sighting Continue To Plague California

Several local residents reported seeing a UFO, described as “a green orb” fly over Pauma Valley on the evening of Tuesday, November 24, with much slower U.S. Marine helicopters giving chase.

Several other local residents, including residents on Miller Road have confirmed the initial MacPherson’s account.

The following is MacPherson’s account: “On Tuesday, November 24, 2015 at around 7:30 p.m. while sitting on our porch my daughter and I observed a military helicopter flying at about 3,000 feet headed east over Pauma Valley. When the helicopter reached the junction of Highway 76 and S6 it turned around and flew back directly west over Pauma Valley.

“At this time we observed a green orb flying west over Pauma Valley at 7,000 feet. The helicopter was giving chase. The green orb continued west and stopped at I 15. It then flew back east and stopped just east of the junction of Cole Grade Road and Highway 76. As the helicopter still flying west approached this point, the green orb shot straight up stopping at approximately 20,000 feet. The green orb then flew south. The helicopter turned south giving chase. A second helicopter with no lights on followed the first helicopter. They flew directly over our house at 1,000 feet.

“I estimated the speed of the green orb at 2,000 mph, the speed of the helicopters at 150 miles an hour. A minute passed and then the green orb passed over our house flying due north to its original position over Pauma Valley where it stopped. The helicopters in hot pursuit flew over our house at approximately 100 feet. As the helicopters approached the green orb it started flying due west. The green orb and helicopters flew west out of our site. One half hour later they were back. The green orb flew east stopped reversed direction and flew west with the helicopters in hot pursuit. It appeared to me that the green orb was toying with the helicopters. To be seen from my house over the Pauma Valley the green orb would have been at least 50 feet in diameter. The green orb did not start slow and gain speed as it went. When it started from a dead stop it instantly was at its full speed. My location is just north of the Valley View Casino. I no longer have any skepticism about UFO’s. We know what we saw.”

MacPherson is retired drone project manager with the U.S. Department of Defense. The drones he worked with were unmanned Ariel aircraft, both airplanes and helicopters. Drone pilots are on the ground and located at various places around the world.

According to MacPherson, “Those Drones that you see in the news in the Middle East are controlled by pilots at March Air Force Base. The pilots sit in actual cockpits in front of TV screens. The TV screens are their windows to the world around them.”

MacPherson worked for the Defense Contract

Management Command VC’s historical UFOs in San Diego. His The last time a UFO duty stations were in the was reported in Valley contractors manufacturing Center was April 29, plants located in Poway, 2012. The object was described Rancho Bernardo as a “Large bright and Palmdale. He oversaw rectangle light moving the engineering, fast.” construction/manufacturing Valley Center and Pauma and testing of the Valley has a history Predator, Global Hawk of UFO sightings, with and VTUAV Fire Scout the first of the famous (helicopter) in conjunction “UFOologists,” George with a Contract Administrator Adamski, having been and Quality based on Palomar Mountain Assurance staff. and in Valley Center

He told The Roadrunner, in the late 1940s and early “I only used the 1950s. During World word Drone to let those War II Adamski was an people that doubt my air raid warden, keeping story and call what I his eyes trained on the saw a Drone know that skies looking for enemy I know the difference aircraft! between a Drone and a Adamski was credited UFO. Those that have by many with giving heard my story are split birth to the UFO phenomena fifty fifty over calling it in the late 1940s. truth or fiction. Of note He claimed that he encountered this Saturday evening aliens from we have confirmation Mars, Saturn and Venus. from friends that saw He had a large group of the UFO and helicopters disciples and maintained also. They live in the a “commune” on Valley Miller road area.” Center Road. He also had a cafe on Palomar Mountain called Palomar Gardens, which exists today as Oak Knoll Campground.

The story goes that George Adamski used to take groups of disciples at night up to a spot on Palomar Mountain where you could see the valley floor for miles and miles.
Someone might spot the light of a car, point at it and say, “Is that a UFO?”
Adamski would look keenly at the lights. “Yes, and I’d say it’s cruising at about 10,000 feet.”

Of course, at its highest, Palomar Mountain is just under 6,000 feet.

Charlatan or visionary? Prophet or profiteer? Readers will have to decide that on their own. To decide for yourself, visit the Valley Center History Museum, which has a permanent exhibit on him. The museum is located at 29200 Cole Grade Rd.
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