Friday, September 4, 2015

BBC Denies UFO Cover Up

Did BBC cover up Sky At Night UFO film?

Sir Patrick Moore In His Heyday

ASTRONOMER Sir Patrick Moore spotted a UFO while filming a documentary – but the BBC edited out the sighting, it is claimed.

The legendary writer and TV presenter had spent the evening star-gazing with a film crew when they saw something they couldn’t explain and their watches stopped.

The alien ship was apparently seen during the 50th anniversary celebrations of “The Warminster Thing” in 1965.

People living in the Wiltshire town began reporting a large number of strange noises and paranormal sightings during that year.

Now alien researcher Matt Lyons has revealed a story from local journalist Arthur Shuttlewood, about the bizarre sightings which made the town a mecca for UFO spotters.

Mr Shuttlewood, who spoke to Sir Patrick - a known UFO-sceptic - on January 31, 1969, claimed the final cut of the BBC documentary made by Sir Patrick had not shown his shock at what he saw or the footage.

He wrote of the paranormal sighting: “Just after a satellite arced from north to south, the attention of a cameraman was drawn to an orange glow that developed into an ellipsoidal craft flying low in the opposite direction to the satellite.

“It then flared into a glowing brilliance as it glided unerringly and silently towards the darkened copse saddling Cradle Hill.”

It is well known that Sir Patrick Moore Spotted A UFO
He said that Sir Patrick – who died aged 89 in December 2012 – told how he would not call them “UFOs” - but were “simply fascinating and inexplicable light formations”.

Mr Shuttlewood wrote: “There was no doubting the reality of his being wholly mystified and the producer later sent me a letter thanking me for giving them ‘an unforgettable and wonderful experience’.”

A BBC Spokesperson said: “We have a lot of things in the BBC archive, but no aliens or flying saucers.”
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