Friday, August 7, 2015

Are Astronauts and Station Equipment Being Monitored By Aliens On A Daily Basis?

UFO Seen at Space Station Leads to Conspiracist Claims ISS Monitored by Aliens

Alien chasers believe the number of sightings means astronauts on board the ISS "are probably being monitored by extraterrestrials" almost daily.
The latest video is taken from NASA footage from one of the ISS cameras as it pans across space.
The object, which is of a light colour with a pinkish tail, is in a shot only momentarily.
It was filmed by a prolific NASA camera watcher who posts videos to YouTube under the name Streetcap1.
Some have dismissed him as being involved in hoax material, but he insists his material comes from NASA footage, although he does admit to adjusting colours to "bring objects out".
The space agency has appeared to fuel conspiracy theorist views on anomalies caught on its camera, by refusing to offer any explanations for what they might be.
Despite allowing public access to the recordings, so-called Ufologists claim NASA is purposely withholding information about UFOs from the public.

I love how the camera casually pans around to the right, glancing at the UFO and then continues on its way as if nothing happened.
UFO hunter Scott C Waring
With the video entitled "Bright UFO above Earth" Streetcap1 posted: "During a period when the camera is moving for around two minutes, NASA captures a distant pink and gold object.
"Caught August 3, 2015. We need them to maybe start pointing the ISS cameras outward and stop treating people like children."

A YouTube viewer seemed to agree, posting: "Could this be part of our secret space program, trying to do a disclosure, and making it look accidental, as there's no way they can simply be filmed in good quality without huge repercussions, just a thought."
But another viewer said: "Come on. That could be a meteor with the tail, or is it just camera flare?"
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