Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Silent Glowing UFO Filmed Over Coventry, UK

UFO Over Coventry

A mysterious glowing orb was seen darting in the sky above Coventry before dropping out of sight.

Marie Pitter-Dewey spotted the ball-shaped object over University Hospital in Walsgrave on Sunday night.

She said the UFO didn’t make a sound, changed colour and could come to a dead stop in mid-air.

And even though the 26-year-old student, from Wyken, admits to being a sceptic, her close encounter has left her shaken up.

“I was a bit shocked, I thought it was an airplane,” said Marie. “It looked like it could move very quickly whatever it was.

“It was faster than a helicopter and then it could just stop in the sky, to a dead stop.

“It was blue, and like a white colour, green, and then I think it went like a pinky colour as well.

“It was slowly changing colour in a calm kind of manner.”
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