Thursday, July 23, 2015

Multiple Witness Film Well Lit and Colorful UFO Filmed Over Tucson Arizona

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This video was made with a Luna Optics color night vision camera LN-DM50-HRSD. It is 5X but can go to 20X. This was approx. at 9:00 on July 4th, 2015 at the Sabino Canyon parking lot situated in the northeast edge of Tucson. I've always left the time stamp of my videos at its original 2011 so ignore that. The sky was completely overcast over the Catalina Mtns. The small dots you see on the screen are normal for night vision cameras and are not stars in the sky.

The very first couple of seconds shows some odd lights in the right of the frame. Those are the radio towers on the mountain out of focus thus making them look odd.

Posters Comments Continued
There were a few cars coming and going out of the parking lot and they account for some of the light shifts. Unfortunately I zoomed in too much and it destroyed the clarity of the video but it still captures the amazing event that we witnessed.

There are a couple of times I adjust the focus and it makes the 3 lights of the UFO seem to morph but that is only, again, me focusing. The main 3 lights stayed distinct in the sky and only look like they become one light and then back to 3 because of my tinkering.

For a video of the same event from the same location by my friend, Gene, made with a Pulsar night vision camera, see
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