Saturday, June 13, 2015

New X-Files Mini-Series Filming A Crashed UFO In British Columbia

X-Files filming at 'UFO crash site' in Ashcroft, British Columbia

Gareth Smart, a part-time acting coach in Cache Creek, provided a big treat — and potential spoiler — to X-Files fans around the world on Wednesday when he shared photos of an alien crash site on Facebook.

While a Vancouver crew for the upcoming X-Files miniseries has been busy shooting street scenes involving actors David Duchovny (Fox Mulder) and Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully), another crew has apparently been shooting night scenes in Ashcroft, an hour west of Kamloops.

The set features a flying saucer embedded in the ground. Ashcroft, with its semi-desert terrain, may be standing in for Roswell, New Mexico, a supposed UFO crash site that is a big part of the X-Files mythology. "Ashcroft has the Wilderness Way Resort zipline park and they are filming right on their land. The X-File crew is staying at their resort," said Smart. "It's my understanding that they are filming a whole whack of stuff at night."

The X-Files reboot, helmed by the original series creator and executive producer Chris Carter, started filming on Monday and Is set to air on FOX in 2016.

The original series was shot in Vancouver for the first five seasons of its nine-year run (1993-2002) before moving to Los Angeles in 1998.

Duchovny, Anderson and Carter did return here to shoot the 2008 theatrical release, The X-Files: I Want To Believe.
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