Thursday, June 25, 2015

One Video Encompasses 18 Current UFO Sightings Using Multiple Spectrum of Lights

The video covers 18+ UFO captures filmed in infrared during the day and night from my balcony in Newport Beach CA.

Many ufos are invisible to our eyes and reside outside of the visible spectrum in the infrared and ultraviolet ranges of light. Utilizing full spectrum cameras and night vision monoculars were able to get a glimpse into this hidden world that's all around us.

Part 1 covers my transition from Generation 3 Night Vision into Full Spectrum daylight recording. Working with Spencer's Camera we converted my Canon 70D into a Full Spectrum camera and fitted my Canon Telephoto lens with various filters to record in infrared.

Part 2 of the video highlights the best ufo captures recorded in infrared over the past year in Newport Beach. Each recording was highly scrutinized and analyzed in the editing room and produced for maximum viewer satisfaction and ease of studying the objects.

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