Saturday, May 30, 2015

Historic UFO Sighting Over New York State - 200 Ft Long With Double Antennas

Similar shape UFO to the 1989 sighting
Late October 1989, the weather was seasonal for Syracuse; in other words it was cold and windy. It was a little after midnight, Mark’s dog Ranger wanted a short walk before bedding down. Mark decided to have one last smoke before bed as well. As man and dog leisurely had their midnight stroll, under a clear sky, as Mark was puffing on his cigarette, he became aware of a sound that was increasing in volume.
“It wasn’t too loud but it was gradually increasing in volume. It sounded like a clothes washer.”
Mark looked up and saw a disk-shaped object with two antenna-like assemblies on each side of the object.
“Stunned by what I was looking at, I glanced down at my dog and his attention was also focused on the hovering Saucer Craft above us.”
Mark knew in his heart that this thing was like nothing he’d ever seen before. The object had what appeared to be two flaps on the top side, which would open and close in turn, one at a time, in five-second cycles.
Mark tells us that the saucer craft initially appeared in the east, it was hovering perhaps 500 to 700 feet off the ground. He estimates the saucer-shaped object was about 200 feet long. He said he lost sight of the object as it moved to the west and was obstructed by tall trees.
This case is unusual, as most regular readers know most UFOs are silent but this “washing machine” sound has been noted several times over the years.
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