Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Stunning UFO Photo Taken Over Bitexco Tower - Vietnam

Several students at Hoa Sen University recounted their recent UFO experience. On the evening of May 22, 201, at about 8:30pm  several students went for a walk in the Nguyen Hue Street area. When they approached the Bitexco Tower one of the group used the camera in his phone to take some images of the tower at night. A short time later they went to dinner at one of the nearby cafes and inspected the photos that were taken. The group was startled to find a foriegn UFO shaped object just to the left of the top of the tower. 

Photos strange objects like flying saucers appear in the left corner of the Bitexco tower.
Apparently the group had a rather heated discussion about the mysterious object. Some adamantly believe that it was a genuine UFO while others thought it could be some sort of remote control toy or some type of flycam.

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