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Governments Strategic Operating Manual on Crashed UFOs and Their Extraterrestrial Occupants

Secret Government Document SOM1-01

This new episode of Hangar 1 does an excellent job exposing the top secret  U.S. Government document that details how to secure crashed UFOs and their extraterrestrial occupants.  The manual is the Strategic Operating Manual (SOM1-01). This is a fascinating material.

Hanger 1 contains a vast archive of over 70,000 files of UFO reports collected by the Mutual UFO Network for nearly 50 years. MUFON is the most respected private organization devoted to the investigation of UFO reports. Hanger 1: The UFO Files will reveal some of the files and look for patterns and connections between some of the reports.

Hanger 1: The UFO Files - S02E08 - The Smoking Gun - Full Episode

Large Colorful Triangular UFO Filmed From A Car - Seattle, Washington

Triangular-shaped craft filmed from a car. Seattle, WA

Historic UFO Sighting Over New York State - 200 Ft Long With Double Antennas

Similar shape UFO to the 1989 sighting
Late October 1989, the weather was seasonal for Syracuse; in other words it was cold and windy. It was a little after midnight, Mark’s dog Ranger wanted a short walk before bedding down. Mark decided to have one last smoke before bed as well. As man and dog leisurely had their midnight stroll, under a clear sky, as Mark was puffing on his cigarette, he became aware of a sound that was increasing in volume.
“It wasn’t too loud but it was gradually increasing in volume. It sounded like a clothes washer.”
Mark looked up and saw a disk-shaped object with two antenna-like assemblies on each side of the object.
“Stunned by what I was looking at, I glanced down at my dog and his attention was also focused on the hovering Saucer Craft above us.”
Mark knew in his heart that this thing was like nothing he’d ever seen before. The object had what appeared to be two flaps on the top side, which would open and close in turn, one at a time, in five-second cycles.
Mark tells us that the saucer craft initially appeared in the east, it was hovering perhaps 500 to 700 feet off the ground. He estimates the saucer-shaped object was about 200 feet long. He said he lost sight of the object as it moved to the west and was obstructed by tall trees.
This case is unusual, as most regular readers know most UFOs are silent but this “washing machine” sound has been noted several times over the years.

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Lifelong Interaction With Aliens From Another Dimension - The Forgotten Promise

The Forgotten Promise tells the story of my lifelong interaction with beings of another dimension….or world. The memories of these encounters were buried deep within my subconscious mind until 1988.

It was then that a UFO flap occurred in my community bringing investigators from the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies to look into what was happening. Like many people, I could not and would not accept that such a thing as alien abduction was even plausible. Now, after having many years to adjust, grow and learn about this phenomenon, I must ask how is it possible to not believe that there is life “out there”. The universe, or multiverse, as I’ve come to understand it, is infinite. Think about that for a second. It is mathematically impossible for us to be alone in the cosmos. From there it is only a short step to recognizing that superior life forms are bound to exist and those life forms would have an interest in studying other life forms, just as we, one day will do. That is, if our species survives long enough to master space travel.

I've had the privilege of living an extraordinary life and learning from beings that exist in a realm quite different from the limited one we do. 
I am now able to say that I am extremely grateful for these experiences, although it was not always so. The lessons they taught me, the things they showed me, the profound teachings & the high level of peace that is prevalent when in their company gives me hope for our planet. Knowing we are not alone and that we live in a universe governed by love is comforting.

Is Jupiter's Moon Europa Habitable? 9 Ways We Will Find Out



At the beginning of the year, NASA got some exciting news from the Obama Administration: The space agency is finally getting funding to send a probe to Jupiter’s moon Europa by the mid-2020s. With a subsurface ocean suspected to be lingering underneath its icy crust, Europa is one of the top candidates in our solar system for finding extraterrestrial life. And NASA hopes its probe can figure out if conditions are right for little aliens to exist.
To do that, the space agency needs the right instruments to study the environment surrounding the icy moon. NASA’s proposed Europa Clipper mission won’t be landing on Europa but will be “clipping” the space rock, swooping into its atmosphere 45 times over the course of two-and-a-half years. During these flybys, the various instruments attached to the clipper probe will gather as much data as possible before the probe dips back out again.
NASA hopes to answer the biggest question of all: Is Europa habitable?
Today NASA announced just what these integral instruments will be. According to the agency, 33 different proposals were considered for the probe, which were ultimately narrowed down to nine. All the instruments will work in tandem to answer looming questions about Europa: How deep and salty is the ocean? How thick and active is the moon’s ice shell? What’s that brown gunk we see in all the Europa pictures?
The answers to these questions, NASA says, could help answer the biggest question of all: Is Europa habitable?
Unfortunately, none of the nine instruments are designed to detect life directly. According to Curt Niebur, Europa program scientist at NASA Headquarters, the scientists at NASA couldn’t decide on an instrument that could best measure something that significant. “What became clear is we don’t have a life detector,” said Neibur at a press conference. “We don’t have consensus in the scientific community what we’d measure to say that this thing you’re looking at is alive.” Some instruments do claim to detect signatures of life, though contact with the planet is necessary.
Check out the nine instruments below and why NASA says they deserve a ride aboard the Europa Clipper.
Interior Characterization of Europa using Magnetometry (ICEMAG): a magnetometer designed to measure the magnetic field of Europa. According to NASA, understanding the moon’s magnetosphere will be like taking an MRI of the interior structure of Europa.
Plasma Instrument for Magnetic Sounding (PIMS): This instrument works in conjunction with ICEMAG to measure the plasma currents surrounding Europa. This could help the space agency get a better understanding of Europa's ocean depth, its salinity, and a heavily debated topic in the scientific community--the thickness of the moon's ice crust.
Mapping Imaging Spectrometer for Europa (MISE): An infrared spectrometer that measures the spectra (those squiggly lines) on Europa's surface. Spectra lines act like unique fingerprints, indicating the materials that have been on Europa's surface. One particular area of interest for NASA is figuring out what those lines of brown gunk are made of. These brown areas are associated with the youngest areas on Europa's surface, which means they could be material that have recently erupted up from underneath the ice.
Bizarre features on Europa's icy surface suggest a warm interior
Europa Imaging System (EIS): NASA is hoping to get some amazing photos of Europa's surface by equipping their probe with both a wide and narrow angle camera. Together, they'll snap images of the moon at 164-foot resolution, getting super high-res pictures of the various ridges and unique surface features of Europa.
Radar for Europa Assessment and Sounding: Ocean to Near-surface (REASON): Ice penetrating radar for looking at the structures underneath the ice crust. This will give NASA a better idea of how structures underneath the ice have changed through time. There is also strong evidence to support the presence of lakes within the ice shelves, close to the crust's surface, and this radar will help verify if they exist.
Europa Thermal Emission Imaging System (E-THEMIS): A thermal imager for detecting heat. This instrument will find the "hot spots" on Europa, which may indicate where the moon is most active. By hot spots, NASA means places that are slightly higher than Europa's average temperature of -260 degrees Fahrenheit.
Artist concept of a plume of water
vapor off the Jovian moon Europa
MAss SPectrometer for Planetary EXploration/Europa (MASPEX): This mass spectrometer will analyze Europa's atmosphere. The materials found in the space above the moon will serve as a good indication of the materials that can be found on the surface and in the subsurface ocean.
Ultraviolet Spectrograph/Europa (UVS): NASA is really interested in the possibility of plumes living on Europa. Recently the Hubble Space Telescope spied water vapor above one of the moon's poles, indicating the presence of these vents. The spectrograph will use ultraviolet light to hunt down these plumes and identify how active they are.
SUrface Dust Mass Analyzer (SUDA): The dust analyzer will work similarly to the mass spectrometer, measuring the particles ejected from the plumes identified by the spectrograph.

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Couple Takes Photo Of Strange UFO At Low Altitude - UK

Strange Lights Sparks 

UFO Mystery In 


It was a straight line of bright lights – and it has become the latest UFO mystery to strike over the skies of Shropshire.
The strange lights in the sky captured by the Edwards CCTV
Stephen and Adele Edwards were today asking for help in figuring out whether they might have captured footage of a UFO flying over their home.
The couple, who live in Nobold, Shrewsbury, have been left puzzled after spotting this pattern of lights on footage from their CCTV over the weekend.
Mr Edwards said: “Our CCTV camera in our garden caught an image of what looks some rather strange lights in the sky.
“I used to be in the RAF and at first I thought that the lights may be from flares, but they are not – I have checked with some friends in the RAF who have confirmed that there was no military activity in Shropshire over the bank holiday weekend.
“The lights seem to be at a distance of approximately half a mile from the back of our property in Nobold and at approx 400 feet altitude, although it is difficult to tell from the image.
“I have checked various applications to see if any aircraft were present in the area at the time and none were. I have also asked West Mercia Police if their police helicopter was operating around this time and they have confirmed that it wasn’t.”
Having exhausted all other options, the couple think this could be some kind of UFO in Shrewsbury.  “My wife Adele did hear a strange humming sound at about 11pm on Sunday over the fields at towards Hook-A-Gate and went to look outside.
“She said that the neighbour was also outside and they could both see strange flashes in the sky over the fields.
“So we are now asking is this a UFO? It certainly cannot be explained and is definitely not any natural phenomena or astronomical – meteorites do not get as low as this or look like this.”
The Edwards are now looking for help in finding out what the image could be.
Mr Edwards added: “I would like to get to the bottom of this as it is highly unusual and strange.”

Clear Video Of Very Bizarre UFO Taken From Jet Over New Zealand

UFO photo was taken shortly after departure from Queenstown, New Zealand.

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Mum Said She Was Abducted, Can't Account For Missing Time

Mum Sees UFO....Can't Account For Missing Time

Woman claims she has been abducted by aliens for an hour and gets a recurring bump on her head

A British woman claims she lost an hour of her life and has been left with a recurring bump on her head - after being abducted by ALIENS.

The bizarre theory was expressed by a female from Guernsey, who wished to remain to anonymous, but is convinced she saw a UFO over the island's west coast.

She said: "I pulled over into a car park and it didn't move as I watched it. I got really nervous and decided to drive off, but my car wouldn't start.

"Eventually I started the car and went home. When I got home my daughter asked why I was so late.

"I said that I wasn't late, but it was an hour after it should have been. The next day, when I went to work, my car clock was wrong.

"Since that time I have a really itchy lump behind my ear that flares up every so often, and there are strange fibres that I can pull from it.

"My doctor said he has never seen anything like it."

Thousands Of Witnesses See UFO In Skies Over China

Bizarre UFO lights seen by thousands over Chinese cities lead to fear of ALIENS arriving

CHINESE social media was awash with UFO speculation after people in several cities reported seeing this spiral of light across the night sky.

Some were just curious or puzzled, while others terrified at the blazing object, which experts said was not a meteorite.
The unusual trail left many speculating that it might have been a UFO of an extra-terrestrial origin.
Eyewitness Hu Yin said: "It was clearly visible in the sky and many people simply stopped what they were doing just to watch it because it was so unusual."
The unidentified flying object appeared over the skies of many provinces in northern China, whose residents quickly uploaded photos to social media causing heated debate.
It was clearly visible in the sky and many people simply stopped what they were doing just to watch it because it was so unusual.
Eyewitness Hu Yin
It was seen in north-western Shaanxi Province as well as in the autonomous region of Ningxia Hui. 
It was even reportedly seen in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous region, in the country’s north.
Some speculators thought it may be some sort of weapons testing being done by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, while others said it could have been the launch of a spacecraft.
Yet there has been no official word from the Chinese government to explain the appearance of the lights or quash conspiracists.
Chinese astrologer Hui said: "They do usually streak through the sky leaving a straight or slightly curved tail but a curly plasma tail is also possible."

Stunning UFO Photo Taken Over Bitexco Tower - Vietnam

Several students at Hoa Sen University recounted their recent UFO experience. On the evening of May 22, 201, at about 8:30pm  several students went for a walk in the Nguyen Hue Street area. When they approached the Bitexco Tower one of the group used the camera in his phone to take some images of the tower at night. A short time later they went to dinner at one of the nearby cafes and inspected the photos that were taken. The group was startled to find a foriegn UFO shaped object just to the left of the top of the tower. 

Photos strange objects like flying saucers appear in the left corner of the Bitexco tower.
Apparently the group had a rather heated discussion about the mysterious object. Some adamantly believe that it was a genuine UFO while others thought it could be some sort of remote control toy or some type of flycam.

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Multiple Witnesses Film Silent Hovering UFO Over Argentina

Triangular UFO Over ituzaingo Argentina May 22, 2015

Who Is The Highest Ranking UFO Whistleblower and What Did He Say?

Highest Ranking NSA Whistle-Blower Of All Time Addresses The UFO Question – See What He Had To Say

Just as Edward Snowden made huge headlines (and still is) all over the world, William Binney did the same in 2001 when he resigned from the National Security Agency (NSA) after 9/11 and blew the lid on an NSA mass surveillance program.
He worked for the agency for more than thirty years, and was the leading code-breaker against the Soviet Union during the Cold War. He’s had quite the run, starting in 2002 when he let the public know of a system ( ‘trailblazer’) intended to analyze data carried on communication networks (like the internet). He exposed the agencies eavesdropping program and has faced harassment from the FBI, NSA and more. He has been in and out of the court room ever since he decided to resign and blow the whistle.
Here is a quick Wiki write up about him, a simple Google search will confirm who he is for those who have never heard of him.
Binney was recently interviewed on 9/11 Free Fall Radio, where he said:
“We selectively ignore basic facts. What I mean by a basic fact is something that’s just there that needs to be addressed, even if they can’t explain it they should have said “we can’t explain this but it’s there” so they at least recognize that this basic fact existed. My problem is, just like the UFO thing, unless they start addressing these kinds of things, peoples observations or basic measurements or factual evidence that simply exists, unless they start addressing them there’s always  going to be questions, especially now with the government, how much trust do you have with this government? They’ve been spying, putting whistle blowers in jail, torturing, and giving immunity to people who commit these kinds of crimes, how much trust can you put in a government like that? When you selectively ignore these kids of things…..”
It’s great to hear someone who had such a long career with the NSA mention UFOs (although many high ranking defence personnel have made remarkable statements: see here), and the importance of governments addressing the phenomenon that is flooded with “people’s observations” and “factual evidence.” Clearly, Binney is aware of the phenomenon and the seriousness of the issue.
UFOs and extraterrestrial life is one of the most popular questions of our time. In the United States alone, at least half of all Americans say that we’re not alone in the universe. Fifty percent of Americans already believe that there is some form of life on other planets, while only seventeen percent think that there isn’t. A quarter of Americans believe that intelligent extraterrestrial visitors have already come to Earth and have been doing so for a long time

Will North American Governments Ever Properly Address The UFO Phenomenon?

Binney brings up a great point, and for him to put UFOs and  “factual evidence” in the same category was great and very brave of him.
The NSA (for example) has released files that clearly indicate their interest in the UFO phenomenon, HERE is one example, and HERE is another, documenting in detail an encounter military jets had with a UFO when they were ordered to go take a look at them (common phenomenon). To read more about what happens when a UFO is tracked on military radar, click HERE.
I still wouldn’t call releasing these files properly addressing the questions and concerns of the people. Dozens of other governments around the world have released thousands of previously classified UFO documentation, yet important questions still remain that they have not addressed. To see an example from the UK, click HERE.
The release of these files indicate that governments and defense agencies have documented, studied and allocated resources to studying the UFO phenomenon, and have kept the fact that they are doing so a secret for a very long time. You can be sure that a lot of information on the subject probably still remains heavily classified. They are holding all of this information, and have gathered so much of it yet we don’t have any access to it.
It’s not a secret that governments keep secrets, the United States alone classifies approximately 500 million pages of documents every year, and the release of previously classified information is a great example of that.
So will North American governments ever properly address the UFO phenomenon? I don’t know, but the information is leaking out there regardless. Again, they’ve been studying and gathering information on this phenomenon for decades, and they have access to information and data that we don’t, and that’s not fair.
Here’s something to think about:
If you have a big secret, that you want the world to know about, you may not want to throw it out there all at once. In other words, there may be some kind of slow acculturation process, I think there is probably something like that going on. I think there is a lot of disinformation going on as well.” – Richard Dolan, Author, Historian
“I don’t believe we will ever truly be ready for disclosure, but that will never stop it from happening. Who’s ever ready to have their first child? Nobody, they have it anyway. It will be forced upon the political leaders and it will be a big mess. Anytime you have some sort of growth, whether it’s personal spiritual growth, or political growth in this society, that means you shed illusions, you shed lies, and that’s a difficult process  and we have to go through that process. There are many billions of people on this world who are attached to a certain paradigm, a certain way of picturing the world, and disclosure will just shatter that. So it will be difficult, but the alternative is being spoon fed lies the rest of your life.” Richard Dolan (same source as above quote)
From everything I’ve looked into, there are some within the world of secrecy that want the truth to come out, and others who want it to remain.
“There is abundant evidence that we are being contacted, that civilizations have been monitoring us for a very long time. That their appearance is bizarre from any type of traditional materialistic western point of view. That these visitors use the technologies of consciousness, they use toroids, they use co-rotating magnetic disks for their propulsion systems, that seems to be a common denominator of the UFO phenomenon” – Dr. Brian O’leary, Former NASA Astronaut and Princeton Physics Professor
“Decades ago, visitors from other planets warned us about the direction we were heading and offered to help. Instead, some of us interpreted their visits as a threat, and decided to shoot first and ask questions after. Trillions of dollars have been spent on black projects which both congress and the commander in chief have deliberately been kept in the dark.”- Paul Hellyer, Former Canadian Defense Minister 
Whether our governments agree to properly address the issue and share with us the information they’ve accumulated over the years or not, the answers will come in the form of whistleblowers, leaked documents (like wikileaks) or something else.

Dover Residents Swear They Saw Plasma Triangle UFO

A WOMAN said "I would bet my life" that she saw a UFO over Dover last night.

The Dovorian, who did not want to be named, says she saw the flashing object around 10.30pm in the Whitfield area.

She said: "It was a real high pitched frequency noise we could hear. It looked like a giant plasma globe.

"It went really big and really lit up. My mum was ripping me. I was shaking – it was crazy."

A video and pictures taken by the resident and her boyfriend show the moments of the object in the sky.

She said: "And there were lights, three of the things floating around it. It looked like a start in the video but that doesn't do it justice to what we saw.

"I watched it for 40 minutes and it darted in and out of the sky. It freaked me out. I would bet my life it was a UFO unless I was corrected by the military.

The Dover resident sketched what she saw

"Another neighbour could see and hear the same as me. There were a few people all over Whitfield that could hear it.

"It would go brighter and brighter and then it went into a triangle then a plasma globe. "

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Small Norwegian Town Enigma For UFO Enthusiast

See the Norwegian Town at the Center of a UFO Mania

Film still from the documentary "The Portal: The Hessdalen Light Phenomenon" (2009). 
Directed by Terje Toftenes
Hessdalen, a valley in the Norwegian countryside, isn’t in the pristine north or by the magnificent fjords in the west. It’s, in fact, an unremarkable place of scrubby, low-lying hills; a former mining center that has slipped into depression and depopulation. It is unremarkable — except for the strange and unexplained lights.
They appear in the sky, moving slowly, separating and reforming, wnking in and out. At other times they shoot down the valley and disappear, or simply switch on for a moment and vanish. I know what you’re thinking — but there’s video footage.
Word of the phenomena didn’t leave this tight-knit, insular community for quite a while. But in December 1981, the lights shone brighter, outsiders took notice, and the press descended.
The town attracted both legit scientists and spectators from across Europe. “Most people are [just] enthusiasts,” Norwegian photographer Ivar Kvaal tells TIME, “but I have also met the oddball fanatic. It’s divided. Most of the villagers are sane and honest.”
Kvaal says that “some of the villagers have hopes of making some money from UFO tourism. They tried to run a small gift shop, but it had to close. Now you can get souvenirs at the local pub, when it’s open.” Mostly, what the town has gotten is ridicule, which made it especially hard for Kvaal to gain people’s trust.
Theories for these occurrences abound: the light comes from ionized gases in the atmosphere, or ball lightning, or decaying radon. The earth itself is acting like a giant battery — which some say could be tapped for clean energy. And, of course, others believe these are aliens.
Kvaal isn’t interested in any of these theories. He’s never seen the lights himself. “I’m interested in how the lights have affected the community and the people,” he says.
This is instead, as Mark Durant writes of the work, “a meditation on the human desire to experience the otherworldly.”
Through a mixture of documentary photos, archival material, still lifes and portraits of believers, Kvaal creates a quiet but suggestive series about, in Durant’s words, “one of those forlorn frontiers where the mysterious and the desperate coincide to produce a new culture of wonder and paranoia.”
One of those frontiers where belief precedes evidence, and where the truth is always just around the corner.

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What Do Birthmarks Have To Do With Reincarnation

Reincarnation and Birthmarks

After your death you will be what you were before your birth.
— Arthur Schopenhauer
Birthmarks are common, occurring in up to 80 percent of infants. Many fade with time, while others persist. Parents in Western cultures often refer to them as angel kisses, stork bites, or other cute terms that are intended to diminish the concern of the affected child.
There is widespread gender bias about the origins of birthmarks. In many parts of the world, they are believed related to the thoughts and actions of the mother. They are called voglie in Italian, antojos in Spanish, andwiham in Arabic, all of which translate to "wishes," because of the assumption that birthmarks are caused by unsatisfied wishes of the mother during pregnancy. For example, if a pregnant woman does not satisfy a sudden wish or craving for strawberries, it is said that the infant may bear a strawberry birthmark; if she desires wine and does not satisfy the wish, a port-wine stain birthmark may result; if the desire for coffee is not satisfied, cafe au lait spots my result. In Dutch, birthmarks are called moedervlekken, in Danish modermaerke and in German Muttermal (mother-spots) because it was thought that an infant inherited the marks solely from the mother. In Iranian folklore, it is said that a birthmark appears when the pregnant mother touches a part of her body during a solar eclipse.2 Some beliefs hinge on "maternal impressions" — birthmarks and birth defects appearing when an expectant mother sees something strange or experiences profound emotional shock or fear.

Children Who Remember Previous Lives

Birth and death are not two different states, but they are different aspects of the same state. There is as little reason to deplore the one as there is to be pleased over the other.
— Mahatma Gandhi
The late Ian Stevenson (1918-2007), who was Carlson Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Division of Personality Studies at the Health Sciences Center, University of Virginia, investigated thousands of children who, about the age of two, begin making comments suggesting a previous life.[5] In many of these cases, birthmarks and physical deformities in the child correlated with events in the alleged former life. For instance, malformed fingers corresponded to the amputation of fingers from a sword in a remembered lifetime; a birthmark corresponded to the entry and exit wounds of bullets in the remembered personality; congenital constriction rings in the legs of an individual mirrored being bound by ropes in a previous existence; the congenital absence of the lower leg corresponded to an accidental amputation of the leg in the previous personality; various birthmarks corresponded to burns, knife wounds, and various other traumas occurring in the life of the remembered individual.
In addition to memories, birth defects, and birthmarks, Stevenson believed specific behaviors might be carried over from life to life. For example, he found that children often experience phobias consistent with the mode of death of the remembered personality. A child remembering a life that ended in drowning might be afraid of being immersed in water. One who recalls a life terminated by a shooting might demonstrate a phobia for guns and loud noises. If death involved an auto accident, the child might be phobic of cars, buses, and trucks. These phobias often begin before the child can speak, and there may be no obvious factor in the family that might explain them.
Philias also occur. These may take the form of a desire for particular foods not eaten in the subject's family or for clothes that are entirely different from whose worn by family members. For example, there might be craving for tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs the previous personality was known to use, although they are tabooed in the current family.
Some subjects show skills they have not been taught or have not witnessed, which the remembered personality was known to possess.

Experimental Birthmarks

If reincarnation is a useful biological idea it is certain that somewhere in the universe it will happen.
— Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1993
Stevenson coined the term "experimental birthmark" to describe a custom found in several countries in Asia. In this practice, the body of a dying or recently deceased person is marked with a substance, most often soot, in the belief that if the individual is reborn the infant's body will bear a birthmark corresponding to the placement of the mark on the deceased — a death mark becoming a birthmark. The mark on the body serves as a kind of bar code confirming identity through time. Stevenson found that this custom was widespread in Asia, particularly in Thailand and Myanmar (Burma). In the 1990s, he reported 20 such cases.
Psychiatrist Jim B. Tucker, who now occupies Stevenson's position at the University of Virginia, and psychologist H. H. Jurgen Keil, of the University of Tasmania, have reopened this line of research. In 2013 they reported 18 cases of experimental birthmarks — 13 in northeastern Thailand and five in Myanmar.

Two Cases

I started out really young, when I was four, five, six, writing poems, before I could play an instrument. I was writing about things when I was eight or 10 years old that I hadn't lived long enough to experience. That's why I also believe in reincarnation, that we were put here with ideas to pass around.
— Willie Nelson
Let's take a look at examples from the seminal paper on experimental birthmarks by Tucker and Keil.
Five years after her maternal grandfather died at age 59, Ning (not her real name), a girl, was born with an unusual birthmark in Loei province in Thailand. The birthmark carried special significance in Ning's family. At the time of her grandfather's death, one of his daughters decided to mark his body about two hours after he had expired in order to determine if rebirth occurred. She scraped soot from the bottom of a rice pot with her index finger and made a black mark above the deceased man's right lateral ankle.
The daughter doing the marking, Ning's aunt, made a mental wish that her father would take the mark with him should he be reborn, as a sign he had been reincarnated. Following her father's death, Ning's mother, a sister of the woman who marked the body, dreamed more than ten times about him shortly after he died. In the first dream he told her that he wanted to live with her family again.
Ning's birthmark was a flat, hyperpigmented nevus on her outer right lower leg. It was in good agreement with the location of the mark her aunt made on her grandfather's body.
Had the grandfather reincarnated as Ning, or was the correspondence of the marks a coincidence? Gender crossovers at rebirth are considered common in cultures that believe in reincarnation. Sometimes the ostensible reincarnated individual will speak of a former life as the deceased person, but Ning said very little that could be construed as a previous existence. One possible link, however, was that she vigorously opposed her mother's interest in gambling; the grandfather had also criticized his daughter's gambling habit. Another behavior of interest was that Ning stood while urinating approximately half of the time. Other cases have been reported in which girls who urinate while standing up claim to remember previous lives as males.
Another case reported by Tucker and Keil involves not one but two experimental birthmarks. Mya (not her real name), a girl, was born outside of Yangon, Myanmar, and raised by her maternal aunt and her husband. Her maternal grandmother had died of kidney disease at 68, nine years before Mya was born. About 2 hours after she died, her daughter, Mya's aunt, made two marks on her body with soot — one on the lateral surface of the left leg just proximal to the ankle, the other on the medial surface of the right leg on and distal to the ankle.
Before Mya's mother became pregnant with her, she dreamed three times that her mother said she wanted to come live with her. Mya's mother initially said no, but the grandmother became more insistent and her mother eventually said, "As you wish." She became pregnant one month later. When Mya was born, she had birthmarks corresponding to the two marks made by her aunt on her grandmother's body. She had no other birthmarks, and neither did her two brothers.
At about 18 months of age, she began speaking about a variety of personal idiosyncrasies, habits, and events suggesting her deceased grandmother. Among these was one habit of particular interest to her family. She would eat with one leg hiked up in her chair. She and her grandmother were the only two in the family to do that. This, and a variety of additional memories she could seemingly not have invented, as well as the two birthmarks, convinced the mother and other family members that Mya was the reincarnation of her grandmother.

Problems With Conventional Explanations

A little while, a moment of rest upon the wind, and another woman shall bear me.[
— Kahlil Gibran
Only 30 to 50 percent of birth defects can currently be explained by genetic abnormalities, teratogens such as thalidomide and alcohol, and infections such as rubella.[11] This leaves 50 to 70 percent in the "cause unknown" category. Moreover, geneticists can't tell us why one fetus and not another is affected, nor why a birth defect takes a particular form, nor why a birthmark occurs at a particular place. In contrast, reincarnation, if real, provides a reason why a particular defect or birthmark occurs in one individual and not another, where it occurs on the body, and the shape it takes.
Genes, in Stevenson's view, are being asked to explain far more than they are capable of. They provide instructions for the production of proteins, yet they give us almost no knowledge about how proteins and other metabolites become organized into cells and the complex organs that make up our bodies. These limitations are not widely admitted. As Stevenson says, "Some geneticists are not modest in assuring us that they will in due course supply all the information we need to understand embryology and morphology. This amounts to a promissory note with no immediate cash value, and in the meantime we are free to consider the possibility of other contributory factors," such as reincarnation.

What Difference Does It Make?

I died as a mineral and became a plant,
I died as a plant and rose to animal,
I died as an animal and I was Man.
Why should I fear? When was I less by dying?
— Rumi, 13th century Persia
What difference would it make if reincarnation were accepted? The most important consequence, Stevenson believes, would be the recognition of the duality of mind and body. "We cannot imagine reincarnation without the corollary belief that minds are associated with bodies during our familiar life, but are also independent of bodies to the extent of being fully separable from them and surviving the death of their associated body [and at some later time becoming associated with another body]"[14]
In saying this, Stevenson declares himself a proponent of interactional dualism, an idea that has an ancient history. Two of its most lustrous recent proponents were William James, the father of American psychology, and the Nobel Prize-winning philosopher Henri Bergson. The main idea of interactional dualism is that the brain and consciousness interact, but are not the same. The brain processes sensory stimuli and affects the content of consciousness, but it does not "make" consciousness, contrary to assumption of most neuroscientists. How mind and brain actually interface with one another remains a mystery and "is part of the agenda for future research; but that is equally true of the claims confidently made by many neuroscientists who assert that minds are reducible to brain activity."[24]
If dualism is accepted as a requirement for reincarnation, where do minds exist while waiting to take on another terrestrial existence? "I believe that we are obliged to imagine a mental space that, necessarily, differs from the physical space with which we are ordinarily familiar," Stevenson states. "I think that introspection can show that our thoughts occupy a mental space distinguishable from physical space, even while we are alive....[This] mental space where discarnate personalities might exist ... has already been ... described in considerable detail by several philosophers familiar with the evidence of the phenomena now called paranormal." Stevenson believes that thoughts and mental images might abound in this space, and some might be reincarnated. These diathanatic ("carried through death") qualities might include cognitive information about the events of a previous life, a variety of likes and dislikes, and, in some cases, residues of physical injuries or other markings of the previous body. The intermediate vehicle carrying these qualities he designates as the psychophore,meaning "mind-carrying."[
The information that is carried over, however, does not come through in its original detail but is much attenuated. This is true not just of thoughts but of physical phenomena as well. Thus, "The baby's body shows marks or defects at the sites of these [previous] wounds, but not the wounds themselves (except for occasional minor bleeding or oozing of fluid)."[16]Birthmarks and birth defects are therefore not exact reproductions of bleeding wounds, but can be considered "mental scars" of such wounds affecting the previous body.

In Search of Mechanism

Don't grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.
— Rumi, 13th century Persia
How might experimental birthmarks — a dab of soot on a corpse — be transferred from a deceased individual to a newborn?
The concept of maternal impressions or maternal suggestion is often offered as an explanation. It relies on the mother as intermediary: she sees the experimental birthmark, which makes an impression in her mind, and this is somehow transferred to the developing fetus. Some suggest that this process may be similar to that of hypnotic suggestion, in which highly hypnotizable subjects can develop blisters, stigmata, or other specific and localized skin reactions. Although these hypnotic phenomena are well known, the mechanism underlying them is obscure. As Tucker and Keil state, "As for experimental birthmarks, the question of how the suggestion of a birthmark in a mother's mind would be transmitted to the skin of the fetus remains unanswered, but so does the question of how a suggested injury is transmitted to the skin of a hypnotized subject." In other words, there is plenty of ignorance to go around; it isn't limited to the possibility of maternal impressions. For Tucker and Keil, maternal impressions are not inconceivable. They say, "While the psychosomatic mechanism for such a process remains unexplained, we now know, of course, that some substances can cross the placenta, and we have evidence that at least in a general way a mother's emotional state can affect the fetus."[17][18][19]
But even if maternal impressions are transferrable to a fetus, this could not explain all the 18 cases of experimental birthmarks reported by Tucker and Keil, because mothers actually saw the experimental birthmark in only five of the eighteen cases. The mother heard, or may have heard, of the markings in eight others, but in at least two of these they did not know the site of the markings. In at least five cases the mother did not even know the deceased had been marked.
What are other possible explanations? Tucker and Keil suggest that experimental birthmarks may represent "a phenomenon of consciousness." They consider two types. In one, the prayers, wishes, or intentions of the mourning family might exert physical effects in the fetus, causing the development of a birthmark in the newborn that corresponds to the marking of the deceased. The ability of intentions to alter physiological processes in others has been demonstrated in many studies in both humans and nonhumans.[20][21][22] And, these authors note, there are "more than 800 experiments in the parapsychological literature suggesting that consciousness can affect random physical systems."[23] Even so, we are still groping for an explanation. Tucker and Keil: "Even these provide little basis for the idea that a prayer at a funeral could influence the fetal development of a child born months or years later, but they suggest the possibility should not be rejected out of hand."
"The second consciousness-related possibility," say Tucker and Keil, "involves what the villagers believe: that there is a continuation of the consciousness of the deceased individual in the child born with the birthmark. While this possibility may be the most speculative, it should be noted that Stevenson collected more than 2500 cases of children who appear to remember previous lives5 and more than 200 cases of children with birthmarks that correspond to wounds or other marks on the body of the identified previous personality.[7] Taken in that context, the six cases in our series in which the child made statements related to the life of the deceased individual indicate that this explanation warrants consideration.... Whether these cases represent a psychosomatic phenomenon, a consciousness-mediated one, or some other process, they at least deserve more study."

The Most Important Question

He had a thousand-year-old stare.
— Louise Erdrich, The Antelope Wife
The question of the survival of bodily death deserves our sincerest consideration. As Stevenson observed, "It has been wisely said that the question of a life after death is the most important one that a scientist — or anyone — can ask."16 And to critics who tiresomely screech that this question should be ignored because we can never know the answer for sure, Stevenson said, "I believe it is better to learn what is probable about important matters than to be certain about trivial ones."
For millennia, the primary evidence favoring the survival of bodily death, which involves the extension of consciousness in space and time, was anecdotal. In our era, however, the tools with which we have objectively explored this possibility are formidable. These techniques make it possible to buttress experience with experiment. As a result, several lines of evidence now reveal a dimension of consciousness that is nonlocal with respect to space and time, as I have described in One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters. Several areas of consciousness research, including remote viewing, ganzfeld studies, precognition/presentiment, and psychokinesis, have yielded positive results in hundreds of experiments demonstrating odds against chance in each of these areas of more than a billion against one.
To put it bluntly, we now know that minds can do things brains cannot do. Minds, these experiments tell us, are not bounded. They are not limited, confined, or localized to specific places in space such as brains and bodies, nor are they localized to specific moments in time such as the present. Minds behave as if they are spatially and temporally nonlocal, therefore infinite in space and time, because a limited nonlocality, we must always remind ourselves, is a contradiction in terms.
The image of consciousness that has arisen from these careful, copious, and replicated experiments is that nonlocal minds are temporally infinite, therefore eternal and immortal. While the evidence for nonlocal mind does not confirm or endorse any specific instance of reincarnation, it is cordial to the possibility because it demolishes the prohibitions that materialistic science has erected forbidding the survival of consciousness following physical death.
Humans throughout history have diligently sought to demonstrate reincarnation. One way, we've seen, is by marking a dying or deceased body with soot and observing whether the mark reappears on a subsequent newborn as a birthmark at the same location. If the "birthmarked" child begins to recall events in the "deathmarked" individual's life that could not be known through normal means, the significance of this sequence of events increases. Although inconclusive, I admire this approach; it is simple, ingenious, noninvasive, and about as low budget as can be imagined. This ancient, sooty method deserves our respect, because it points in the same direction as modern research: the indestructibility of consciousness through time.
Voltaire observed, "It is not more surprising to be born twice than once." He realized that the marvel is consciousness itself, not how many turns it makes on the wheel of life.

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