Sunday, March 15, 2015

Did A UFO Capture Putin? Ukranianian Kids Think So - Video

UFO captures Putin: Ukrainian kids make cartoon showing abduction of Russian president

Children's animation studio works with Ukrainian school children to make cartoon

An animation studio in Kyiv has turned Ukrainian children's drawings into a cartoon showing the abduction of Russian President Vladimir Putin by aliens, take a look.

The animation entitled 'UFO over Kremlim' was initially created as a gift to Ukrainian servicemen stationed in the east of the country as many Ukrainian volunteers write letters and prepare gift packages for soldiers battling pro-Russian separatists.

The children's animation studio recently uploaded their cartoon onto a social media website, garnering tens of thousands of views online.

15-year old student Nikita Golomutko, who has been with the studio for two years, says the four part animation series is a portrayal of Russia wanting to take control of Ukraine.

Nikita Golomutko, 15-Year Old Student: "I know that Ukrainians had nothing to do with it and Russia elaborated plans to conquer our country a long time ago, since the time of the Soviet Union collapsing, in order to bring everything back. It was invisible and hidden. Putin and his accomplices have done all this."

Nikita said he wished there was a better way to resolve the conflict than war.

Nikita Golomutko, 15-Year Old Student: "I don't understand why they must fight because others want this war. It is absolutely wrong and I am against any war in general. And mankind has, throughout its existence always fought, and I do not think that is normal. Because problems can be resolved in other ways."

While Russia continues to support aggression in eastern Ukraine, these school children will continue theorising how to resolve the conflict.

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