Thursday, March 19, 2015

More UFO Witness Come Forward In The Barwell UK Case, One A Policeman

Three more witnesses say they saw UFO in the skies

An off duty police officer, an AA patrol officer and a dog walker all witnessed two flying orbs that are being investigated by a UFO network.

The first person to come forward about the orbs was a 41-year-old woman from Earl Shilton, who spotted the two UFOs of bright white light floating in the sky above Barwell on February.

The woman, who managed to capture video footage of the unidentified flying objects on her mobile phone, was woken by a strange noise at 4.50am.

When she looked out of the window she watched the spheres of light for around a minute.

They merged into one another and moved side to side before shooting off at speed.

Joanne Kavanagh, who is investigating the incident on behalf of Lufoin (the Leicestershire UFO Investigation Network), said investigators had ruled out the possibility the objects were the air ambulance, police helicopter or any low flying aircrafts.

As part of the investigation the network asked other people to come forward if they had seen anything.

Since then the group have spoken to a Hinckley man from the Hollycroft estate who said he walking his dog along Roston Drive at around 5am when he saw the two large illuminated spheres crossing the sky.

He told the network the spheres were totally silent and about 1,000 feet up. He saw them for around one minute and said they were heading in the direction of Nuneaton.

He added that they looked similar to the footage caught by the first witness, but he said he didn’t believe in UFOs.

Another witness, an AA patrol officer attending a breakdown on the A47, said he saw the objects moving back and forth across the road.

He said there was no sound coming from the objects, which seemed to hover before moving away towards Earl Shilton.

The final witness was an off duty police officer who said that the objects did not resemble a normal aircraft.

The officer said he watched them for about a minute as they hovered in silence over the Barwell area.

Joanne said: “We are not sure at all what it could have been. It’s a very mysterious one.

“We really want other witnesses to come forward so we can gather more evidence.

“We don’t think it could have been a Chinese lantern or a drone because they don’t move in that way.

“It’s very exciting. We have ruled out a lot of possibilities.”

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