Sunday, January 4, 2015

Birdwatcher Catches Spectacular UFO On Video - United Kingdom

A birdwatcher spotted something much more mysterious than birds in the sky above the English village of Burwell in Cambridgeshire.

The witness reports that, after a day of birdwatching on December 9, a UFO was spotted in the distance. The birdwatcher, perplexed by this aerial object, recorded more than five minutes of video footage of the UFO. 

Poster Comments
after an afternoons birdwatching i spotted this in the distance, what on earth is it ? never seen anything like it before,this is shortly after i saw 2 cv-22 osprey military planes in the area, Always change quality to 1080p or original quality as Youtube default to a lower resolution so video doesn't look as good as it should !
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