Tuesday, January 27, 2015

UFO Over Rendlesham Forest, Helicopter Gives Chase - Incredible Video Footage

UFO Filmed Over Rendlesham Forest, Military Helicopter Gives Chase

George Taylor recently (Sunday Jan 26, 2015) filmed these lights which could easily be a UFO over Rendlesham Forest. The video shows a military helicopter either giving chase or attempting to get a better look at the UFO. 

The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident is still a mystery today. It is one of the most compelling UFO cases on record with some of the most impeccable witnesses. The incident occurred in December of 1980 in the United Kingdom. Military personel witnessed UFOs over a several day period. It culminated with a UFO landing on the military base and one of the witnesses touching the craft.

We have all been duped in the past with excellent or compelling video which has turned out to be a ill advised marketing stunt so lets see how this plays out over the next few days.

Posters Comments
Spotted three balls of light in the sky yesterday afternoon (Sunday 25th Jan) whilst walking around Rendlesham Forest and couldn't believe what I was seeing! Had a very weird feeling that I shouldn't have been there.

Quickly recorded it on the phone and have uploaded it to see whether anyone else witnessed anything similar yesterday too. Very strange! I know Rendlesham has a long history with UFO sightings but didn't really believe in it as I haven't seen anything odd in all the years I've lived here until yesterday! Regularly take my dogs for a walk around the area and have never seen anything as strange as this. Anyone have any idea what this may have been?
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