Saturday, January 3, 2015

Eerie UFO Appears During BBC New Years Eve Celebration

New Year’s Eve is always a peak time for UFO sightings, thanks in part to people floating up Chinese lanterns – but mostly thanks to the fact that everyone’s absolutely smashed.
But this year, someone captured a genuinely eerie apparition which appears to be a UFO swooping down for a look at London’s spectacular fireworks display.
One YouTube commenter said, ‘It’s not uncommon for UFOs to be curious about our lights and electricity.’

Who are we to say he’s wrong?
Other, perhaps saner, commenters suggested that the eerie vehicle is in fact a camera drone.
This may be a shade more likely than suggesting it’s a craft por UFO. So far BBC has refused to comment on the object so it remains a genuine UFO for the time being. 
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