Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Strange Video Taken of Cloaked Plane in Chemtrails

We are bringing this video to you because in the past Crow Tripplehorn has provided reliable photos and videos. There is no doubt that a plane flies through the chemtrails  but it is questionable whether it is cloaked or just hazy in the sky. Also there are a few small blemishes on the lens which should be ignored.

Posters Comments
As I was making a how to clip for filming the sun I swung over to film chemplanes and caught a strange plane. It almost looks cloaked. I also show what you need to film the sun with your camera - just some cheap solar filter paper. 

About Videographer, known mostly as Crow
Crow Tripplehorn has been a sky watcher for nearly 20 years, having purchased his first telescope in the 90s. For the past three years he has been a full time UFO and space anomaly investigator in southern California and in this time has become known for his UFO video work the world over. Crow is also credited with the discovery of a lunar wave phenomenon that is not yet well understood. Tripplehorn has worked hard to bring honesty and integrity to the world of UFO and anomaly investigations and is now a trusted source of information in this field.
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