Thursday, January 15, 2015

Incredible UFO Video Above Melbourne Australia

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Description Please watch in HD - object is a little faint. Recorded above Melbourne, Australia with a P8079HP night vision tube.
Folks, the lens is set on infinity. I can't accept this is a bug near the lens. Would be blurred and out of focus. My setup only enhances available light - rarely capture bugs...birds yes. However G force indicates otherwise.
135mm slr lens F2.8 mounted on a p8079hp tube, with HD 'cheapo' camera.

This is very unusual video from U.F.O.Lou showing "extraordinaire" skills of the crew of an unidentified flying object. Extraordinaire from suppressed technologically Earth's perspective. If up there is a war going on then technology on board of this satellite could get jammed. I don't think the crew stopped to take a photo
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