Sunday, December 7, 2014

Witness Recalls Startling and Very Real UFO Sighting - Massachusetts

A Witness Recalls a 1960s UFO Sighting

Here is the witness story:

“In June of 1965, my wife and I vacationed in Provincetown, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. One evening with nothing much to do, we went to a nearby drive-in movie (don’t remember what was playing). At one point I became bored with the movie and looked skyward. I saw what I thought were the flashing red lights atop FAA radio antennas. 

The more I stared at them the more I realized that they were much too high for any land based antenna. Additionally, all the lights about 12 of them as well as I can remember, blinked in unison. I continued to stare at them and all of a sudden the blink rate started to increase rapidly. They blinked so fast that they were almost solid red and then all the lights shot across the sky and disappeared almost instantly.

Nothing that I was aware of then, or now, could have gone from a dead stop (hovering), to a speed that was and is unknown to this day. What struck me was that a plane moving across the sky at around 500 MPH, looks like it is hardly moving to an observer on the ground. These “lights” had to be moving in the thousands of MPH (or much faster) for them to streak across the sky and disappear in the flash of a second.

We never “reported” it to anyone as it never occurred to us to do so. I was and am certain that what we saw was something(s) not of this earth.

I know that after all this time, there is no way to check or verify anything that we saw, but we saw them none the less.”

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