Friday, December 12, 2014

Long History Of UFO Sightings At Costa Rican Volcano

UFO photo taken over Turrialba in 2010
A renowned ufologist and researcher of paranormal activity has determined that the ongoing eruption of the Turrialba volcano presents an ideal opportunity for sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in Costa Rica.
Sixto Paz Wells is a Peruvian UFO researcher who has written dozens of books on topics that transcend the space-time continuum that most of us strive to understand. Mr. Paz was recently in Costa Rica to deliver lectures on several esoteric topics, and he was interviewed by several news media outlets. When daily tabloid La Teja asked Mr. Paz for his opinion on the volcanic activity at the Turrialba, he explained:
“UFOs tend to fly near places where there is significant seismic and volcanic activity. It seems as if they have some technology that allows them to absorb energy, so [the Turrialba volcano] is like a fueling station.”
The eruption activity at the Turrialba has not ceased; in fact, the National Park and surrounding communities on the skirt of the volcano are still under yellow alert by determination of the National Committee on Emergencies. For this reason, Mr. Paz stated that he would not be surprised if UFO sightings are reported in Costa Rica in the next few days.

UFO Filmed by Pilot over Costa Rican Volcano 2013
It is important to remember that Mr. Paz claims to be a contactee; that is, a person who has had some sort of contact with intelligent beings from celestial bodies beyond our atmosphere. According to Exopaedia, Mr. Paz has had contact with:
a race of Mongolian looking humans originally from the Orion constellation who have established a large base on one of Jupiter’s moon’s Ganymede. He and his brother Carlos have had a number of contact experiences after he first established telepathic communications with the extraterrestrials in 1974. These were quickly followed by a number of UFO sightings and physical contact with the extraterrestrials in the desert area of Chilca, Peru.
While in Costa Rica, Mr. Paz was interviewed at length by online technology site During that interview, Mr. Paz mentioned that his father was an aeronautic engineer for the Peruvian Air Force and a Freemason as well. He also says that he has established contact various times over the last 40 years because he practices yoga and meditation, which allows him to connect telepathically with alien beings. His most recent book deals not so much with extraterrestrial life, but rather the human afterlife.

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