Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Why Are Aliens Visiting Earth? The Answer May Surprise You

UFOs Have Been Visiting Earth For a Long Time, Why?

While many acknowledge the presence of extraterrestrials in our world they are at a complete loss to explain why they are here. As with most things in life the explanation is fairly straightforward and not that difficult to comprehend. Understanding the primary motive for extraterrestrials visits will help explain the UFO Phenomena.

Most people believe that extraterrestrials are visiting Earth to monitor the progress and behavior of humanity.  To a certain extent that might be true, but it is much more likely that they are periodically coming here to examine the health of Planet Earth. After all, even our scientist are beginning to come around to the idea that Planet Earth is a living sentient being. In the greater cosmos, human and extraterrestrial life may be fairly common. On the other hand what little we know about other planets, and the universe at large, indicate that our home planet is an extremely desirable and rare occurrence within the cosmos.

People have wondered for a long time why ET has not made their presence known. If we are not the primary reason why they are here, why would they disclose their existence. The survival of mankind is probably very far down their list of priorities. For that matter survival of humanity may not even be on their list of priorities. Have you ever stopped to consider that Planet Earth has more value to an alien race if there were no humans inhabiting the planet.

Everything we need to sustain life has been provided for us on Planet Earth. We are blessed with an abundance of water, sunshine, breathable air, enough land and food to house and feed 7 billion people. We share Earth with  millions of species of plant, animal and insect life, each playing an important role in the ecosystem, that in itself is remarkable. It makes our planet an astonishing place, a very rare and unusual gem among the stars.

Those that follow UFOs closely, know the largest wave of UFO sightings in modern time coincided with the discovery of splitting the atom and the use of Atomic Energy during WWII. In other words, when we discovered how to manipulate nuclear energy we triggered an unprecedented wave of UFO sightings.

There are well documented cases of UFOs hovering over nuclear military facilities in both the United States and Russia. Reliable witnesses state that the craft were tampering with the nuclear armament control systems. This behavior by UFOs and their occupants was not an accident and it was clearly a message to humanity.

Many people 'want' to believe that if things get out of control and WWIII gets under way our extraterrestrial brethren will step in and save humanity, nothing could be further from the truth. ET may step in and save Planet Earth, but they will have little time and no admiration for a species that never understood how good they had it in the first place. 

There is little doubt that Earth's oceans, forest and species of plants and animals are worth saving. The living, breathing, self-regulating sentient being that we are living on is at the core of their mission. 

UFOs have a long and documented history of appearing just after natural or man-made catastrophic events. There is not much question that they are keeping their eye on the prize we call Earth.

This video may be helpful.

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