Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Amazingly Clear Triangle UFO Photos Taken By Kansas Witness

Kansas Witness Takes Two Incredible UFOs Photos

One of the very unusual and fascinating things about this sighting is that there is clearly an White Orb to the right of the Triangle UFO Craft (second photo below)
Click image to enlarge
A Valley Center, Kansas witness has finally provided us with two very clear photos of the allusive triangle UFO. According to MUFON Case Number 60432 was filed on October 7, 2014. 
The person who file the report stated:
“I got this picture from a friend that took it,” the reporting witness stated. “The orb is the first thing you see and then to the left you notice a triangle-shaped thing.”
The photos were uploaded the witness who submitted one image with the MUFON report which was filed October 7, 2014 and taken on October 3, 2014.
Click image to enlarge

“The picture is amazingly clear. There is even some sort of designs on the ship that are visible.”
Kansas MUFON is currently investigating the UFO Sighting. 

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