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UFO Discovered In 16th Century Painting - Craft Shown Emitting Smoke

Hovering 'UFO' found in Monastery Painting From The 16th Century

A strange disc pouring smoke and hovering over buildings has been found in a Romanian monastery wall painting thought to date from the 16th century.
A strange disc is seen hovering over a building in Romania
UFO researchers claim it is just one of many old paintings which seem to show evidence of visitors from another world. 

The image is painted on the wall on a 14th century church in Sighisoara - thought to the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, the historical figure on whom the Dracula legend is based.

Vlad the Impaler (left)
The photograph was taken by a tourist, Catalina Borta, and sent to UFO experts at the Israeli Extraterrestrials and UFOs Research Organization (EURA).

The caption on the painting says, ‘Israel, put your hope in the Lord,’ and the image is thought to date from just after 1523, when the Bible was first translated into German.

UFO experts have drawn a comparison with other well-known paintings which seem to depict flying saucers, such as the 1710 painting Baptism of Christ by Aert de Gelder.

1710, by Aert de Gelder 'The Baptism of Christ'
Nigel Watson, author of the Haynes UFO Investigations Manual says, Flying saucers, UFOs and other weird objects in the sky have been depicted throughout the history of humanity.

What appear to be UFOs and aliens appear in the cave paintings of ancient man, the religious paintings of the Renaissance period and in the works of chroniclers and storytellers.

Some of the most striking UFO images appear in Renaissance art. As an example, a painting titled The Crucifixion depicts two spherical flying craft that plainly have a pilot inside them. It is of 1350 vintage and hangs over the altar in the Visoki Decani Monestry, Yugoslavia.

In the 15th Century, The Madonna with Saint Giovannio, the artist Domenico Ghirlandaio depicts a disc-like craft with rays shooting out of it over the left shoulder of Mary. A man with a dog behind Mary are shown looking at this aerial object.

The Baptism of Christ painted by Aert De Gelder in 1710 is a stunning vision of a circular craft beaming rays of light that illuminate Jesus and John the Baptist. It can be viewed at the Fitzwiliam Museum Cambridge.

An explanation for these Biblical paintings is that they are symbolic representations of angels and that the beams of light from them represent the Holy Spirit. These beams of light can also represent the miraculous impregnation of Mary that led to the birth of Jesus. Ironically, people today are literally seeing objects like this in the sky and associate their activities with the concept of ancient astronauts that it is speculated, we worshipped as Gods in the past.

Certainly, symbolism and artistic license is at work but whether they are based on ‘real’ sightings or belief in UFOs from other realms, or not, they still give us a sense of wonder and have a powerful impact on our psyche.

Footnote to this story
I understand the need to explain these 'UFOs' in ancient painting as a metaphor for some type of angel or shield to protect the subjects within the paintings. One person wrote to me an attempted to explain the object in the painting below as follows:
Notice the storms roiling on both sides of the building. The object is a metaphorical shield protecting the building and those in it. Smoke rising in this circumstance represents the prayers for protection rising to God. Those prayers, rising to heaven from the shield reach God and He continues to protect from the storms of life.
Sometimes it is just easier for everyone to accept an explanation that fits neatly and cleanly into our reality. We don't have to go out on a limb and accept something that many people are not ready or willing to accept. But sometimes we just need to confront the truth. Painters paint for a variety of reasons and they have been doing so since they first occupied caves. These earlier painters were not only creating art but they were recording history. Of particular importance were major occurrence and unbelievable events. This is exactly what this Romanian artist was doing, recording history.

In the 16th century a painter would have been much more likely to paint an angel in the sky offering some form of protection to the people below. It would seem bizarre to even think that an individual in the 16th century had the insight or forethought to know about metal disc's in the sky, let alone a metal disc emitting smoke. It is a huge stretch to believe that the disc in this painting is anything other than a UFO.

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