Thursday, October 23, 2014

Two Police Officers Give Chase To UFO Over New York In 1974

After two separate patrol cars saw “a bright light in the sky without the markings of a normal aircraft,” one car followed the light because one of the deputies in the car was “curious, more or less.”

"2 Livingston deputies give chase to a ‘UFO’."

“Two Livingston County sheriff’s deputies said they followed a ‘bright round object’ in the sky for about half an hour early today from Geneseo to near Warsaw before giving up the pursuit.”

The object described by Deputy Nicastro as a ball of light a little smaller than the full moon, increased speed as the the patrol car speed up and decreased speed when the officers slowed down. 
deputy NiCastro said he and deputy McDonald spotted the object 50 - 100 feet overhead while patrolling the southern edge of Geneseo.

Deputy McDonald and myself got out to look at it. Deputy NiCastro related , "then we called another patrol car over to verify the fact that we weren't seeing things."

Three in the patrol car saw it. So did a Geneseo village policeman.

The deputies now reassured got permission from headquarters and took off on route 28-A after the object, which then appeared to be over he town of Leicester. 

I was curious more or less Deputy NiCastro said " I had to satisfy my curiosity I wish I had binoculars."

The object remained in front of the deputies increasing and decreasing speed with the patrol car, for about 15 miles until they reached the Perry-Warsaw town line in Wyoming County.

"I wanted to see if it would land at Warsaw Airport Deputy Nicastro explained, it didn't and we were getting a ways out of our jurisdiction."

The Livingston County deputies summoned their Wyoming County counterparts to take up the pursuit. But the Warsaw based officers could not find it. 

Deputy NiCastro this morning described the light as, "a bright object in the sky with markings of a standard aircraft."
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