Friday, August 22, 2014

Did Extraterrestrials Contact The Arecibo Lab From A UFO? Researchers Think So

Images captures at the Arecibo Telescope
An independent group of researchers in Puerto Rico believe they possibly made contact with ‘beings from elsewhere’ last Friday, August 15, 2014, 37th anniversary of the mysterious ‘WOW! Signal’ captured by SETI.

Joshua P. Warren's team transmitted a message, recorded by George Noory, into space all day, from Arecibo, Puerto Rico, and various other spots on earth asking ET to appear around certain GPS coordinates as a live webcam streamed footage of the general location.

A variety of anomalies were captured on camera, including a “saucer-shaped object” that appeared and which then shot straight up into the sky, accompanied by a strange, high-pitched tone.

The video below shows an object appears and disappears at "light speed". In the second video below you will also hear a loud high pitcj tone as the UFO appears and disappears vertically into the sky.

Warren’s team compared that tone to the famed WOW! Signal, (Video: WOW Signal received at SETI on Aug 15, 1977) and say it is so similar they think the UFO possibly sent this signal to them as a sign of successful communication.

Warren's team captured the strange audio throughout a section of 7+ hours of raw footage from the webcam (video above, YouTube has longer video version) and listen especially around 1:40:00 into the video.

Joshua P. Warren: “We believe the UFO may have sent us the same type of signal that came from space, and was recorded by SETI, 37 years ago". He adds: “This was a complete surprise. Though it was picked up via a webcam microphone, and not a broad dish like SETI had, our analysis thus far has shown it is essentially a demodulated signal from the WOW! transmission turned into audio.”

When asked for his opinion of what the “beings” may be, Warren said: “After my 7 years of research here, the accumulating evidence suggests we may be dealing with a new form of life in Puerto Rico. Sometimes huge, and sometimes small drones, I believe these beings could be a highly-advanced, extremely sleek and efficient organic/electronic hybrid. They have probably evolved much longer than humans, and are now capable of inter-stellar and inter-dimensional travel, seeming to pop in and out of our visible dimensions almost instantly.
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