Friday, August 15, 2014

UFO Maneuvers Like No Aircraft Known To Man - UFO Sighting NY 1954

Larry tells us that he was fifteen years old in July of 1954, and he lived in Port Jefferson, NY, on the north shore of Long Island.
“The night was clear and moonless; four of buddies and me were walking to a club house on the highest point of Sound Beach.”
  It was during the walk long walk that he became aware of a diamond formation of bright lights in the sky with the brightest light in the dead center of the formation. Larry called attention to the phenomenon and the five young men stood amazed as they studied the motionless formation for several minutes.
“Suddenly, the four bright points that formed the perimeter of the diamond accelerated outward to the four points of the compass. The brightest, center point light moved away extremely fast in what appeared to be straight up.”
Larry states that he was a bit of an aviation buff. He had a good understanding of aircraft performance. The actions taken by the bright lights they were observing, were clearly superior to any aircraft he’d ever seen or read about.
Moments later the five of them could hear the sound of a fighter jet. Larry says that the sound and direction suggested that the fighter came from the south and perhaps had come from West Hampton Beach Air Force Base. The fighter aircraft circled the area several times then headed south. Larry and the guys thought the show was over. Then shortly after the jet left the area the five point formation reappeared. Larry says he doesn’t remember how long the lights lingered in the local sky, but it quite a while.
For most people a UFO sighting is a once in a lifetime event. But for Larry and another buddy there would be a case of summer UFO deja vu.
“That same summer possibly two weeks later, two of us sitting on the cliffs overlooking Long Island Sound when two bright star like lights appeared over the horizon on the Connecticut shore, heading straight at us South/Southeast at a very rapid rate of speed.” Larry explained
He says the craft on the right was leading the one on the left.  When the objects appeared to be midway over Long Island Sound they each made high speed right angle turns to the left heading East/North East, and quickly disappeared into the darkness over the far eastern end of Long Island Sound.
“The maneuverability and rate of acceleration were much faster than any of 1950s aircraft that I knew about,” Larry states.
Larry tells us that he reported these sightings to the Air Force’s Project Blue Book. He never got an acknowledgement or explanation from them.

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