Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Spectacular UFO Over Melbourne, Australia - Video News Report

Wintess Description
UFO sighting over Melbourne bright ball with a long, shiny tail dazzled onlookers for between 30 seconds and a minute about 9.45pm yesterday, seen from Parkes in central NSW to Melbourne and Hobart.

Witnesses Comments Continued

The object travelled from south to north or east to north before disappearing over the horizon.

We initially thought to be a plane crashing.

It was so fast and then it just slowed and drifted down...with an enormous trail of light. You could see as it was coming down close to the ground it seemed to be splutter and breaking up. It was absolutely fantastic."

The Australian Astronomical Observatory posted a detailed image on its Twitter account of what appears to be the shooting star breaking up in an spectacular blaze over Victoria.

The Astronomical Society of Victoria said the object could be a meteorite or parts of a satellite reentering the earth's atmosphere, Fairfax Media reports.

President Ken Le Marquand was quoted saying: "Usually the one's we see in the sky are the size of dust and only last a second. But if you get something a bit bigger, like the size of a pea, it can put on a spectacular light show."

The Sydney Observatory offered a preliminary assessment via Twitter that the shooting star may be space debris then changed its mind and said it was more likely a meteorite fireball "as travelling the wrong direction for space junk".
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