Friday, July 25, 2014

Witness Describes UFO Sighting Prior To Famous Phoenix Lights Mass Sighting

Witness Describes UFO Sighting Prior to the Famous Phoenix Lights

Many people who were living in Arizona March 13, 1997, will recall the Phoenix Lights sighting. The unidentified flying object was reportedly seen from Tucson to the Nevada state line. Even Arizona’s governor, Fife Symington III, saw it.

But what the thousands saw was months later after I had seen my own UFO going home from work one Thursday night in November 1996.

It was huge and flying low. The lights covered the sky, and I could barely keep my eyes on the road as I looked up through my windshield. What I saw did not resemble the “V” formation everyone else saw in 1997.

The UFO I saw was moving very slowly and quietly toward me as I headed south on 91st Avenue, almost to McDowell Road. It had multicolored lights: white, yellow and red. It was right over me as I got to McDowell. I was looking in disbelief. Then the lights went dark, and I could barely make out a dark object overhead. After some 15 seconds passed, I saw other multiple flying objects farther away with their colored lights and they suddenly moved into formation and sped away westward at a very fast rate of speed and were gone.

I hurried home, ran in the house and told my husband about it. He found it all amusing and poked fun at me while I was running around scared and went back outside to see if I could spot them again. Maybe they were still hanging around. No luck. What I had seen was gone.

At work the following day, I told my story to a co-worker who said he’d seen the same thing on a different night. He and his family were intrigued with the whole thing, so they’d go to the Estrella Mountains, park and wait to see if they could see them again. He said there was no way this had anything to do with Luke Air Force Base because he had spent a lot of time checking out what was flying in and out of Luke at night and never saw anything that came remotely close to what we saw.

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