Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Was The Head Of the Spinx Changed, If So By Whom?

We hate it when videos are not accompanied by a full explanatory text—especially if they force you to watch an ad first. How are you supposed to know if the video is worth your time to watch it? Well, we can assure you that this one is worth watching. Colin Reeder of the Manchester Ancient Egypt Society had noted that the head of the sphinx, which has been exposed for a long time, showed less wear than the rest of the body, although the rest of the body has been buried in sand for centuries. What could account for this? Well, he suggests that the sphinx head was re-cut at a later date and that the original head was actually that of a lion. We think he makes a very convincing case.

Some archaeologists have noticed that the human head of the Great Sphinx of Giza is too small for it's lion body. One theory is that the sphinx was originally not a sphinx at all.

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