Friday, June 27, 2014

Do UFO Interact With Witnesses? UFO Hunter Says, Yes - Video

Recent UFO photo - Oregon
Credit - Mojo
UFO Hunter, Mojo's personal comments
Fortunate to have the personal experiences of contact and witness to at least three different types. Feel the sighting in Oregon has been from a group studying observing us and was lucky enough to have efforts pay off after the many hours of skywatching. Yet when it comes to the aerial displays it's difficult to distinguish them from ours so had to focus on subtleties in the video. Hopefully accomplished a small degree of that in this analysis and towards future evidence to disclosure.

Comments continued
What does the possibiliy of UFOs "reacting" mean? Here are ten examples from the archive to help support an hypothesis that they do interact with us.
Some possible considerations below. a. The military would not invest time or resources nor try and draw attention to themselves.

b. A high awareness by the visitors on external influences & variables, ie. the people(s) or location(s).
c. Reacting on an ongoing basis suggests a non-human interest.
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