Saturday, June 28, 2014

Two Witnesses Have Missing Time After UFO Sighting - NY, 1964

“This happened fifty years ago in Rockville Center, NY, I was thirteen years old when it happened,” Alice explained.

She and another eight grade friend named Mary planned to go Trick or Treating. Alice acknowledges, “We were a little old to be going but we wanted to go one last time, just the two of us.”
The two girls were walking down the street when Mary said “Look at the moon, it’s so bright!”
Alice looked up remarking, “That’s not the moon, that’s a street light.”
Those were the last words that either girl spoke about it. Alice clarified, “The UFO was over us; hovering. It came in fast…from a moon sized perspective to a street light in front of us, to right over us.”
Alice describes remembering the bright light, “I have a picture in my mind of where we were when we noticed the bright light.”
She says that after that her memory is a mosaic. She remembers the bright light leaving rapidly in a different direction from which it came. She recalls running down someone’s driveway and into their backyard, both girls wanting to chase the bright light, but it was gone.
Alice remembers that the two girls rang the bell of that house and excitedly told them about the bright object they had just seen. The people in the house were irritated and yelled at the two teenagers, something about it being too late to be trick or treating. They were told to go home and with that the people slammed the door in the girl’s faces. The two teens while annoyed at the people’s reaction remained excited about what they had just seen.
Yet when the young women returned to Alice’s house the oddest thing happened. Her mother shouted at the pair, complaining that they had been out “too late!” Both girls thought that they had been out less than an hour; the pair were at a loss to explain to Alice’s mom why they were gone for many hours. Alice was ordered to bed and Alice’s mom drove Mary home.
Alice reminisces, “I think we both were grounded for a couple of weeks. Both of us tried to talk about what happened to us with our folks. God knows we sure I tried, but we were just a couple of teenage girls, nobody took us serious or believed us.”
Alice says that she has no actual recollection of actually being abducted. Her strongest memory is of being scolded for not being able to account for the nearly four hours that the two girls had been gone.
She states frankly, “I don’t really know if any time had passed or not. I only know what we experienced … that it was a bright white light, we had no fear, when it was over us, close, and that it was perhaps 3-5 feet diameter.”
Alice tells us that throughout her life until now, when she told close friends about this event, no one has ever believed her. She considers her close encounter with that bright orb so long ago like a deeply shamanic experience.
“I don’t really care if anyone believes me or not. I know what I saw. I just wanted to put out the thought that maybe some of the UFO’s people are seeing are of a spiritual nature.”
She added these final remarks, “My friend and I had no fear, we were sad to see it leave, and felt love for it. It was a love experience if that makes sense to say.”

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